10 Alarming Facts about Urinary Tract Infection


Anyone who has had a urinary tract infection (UTI) knows that it is the most unpleasant experience to have. However, most aren’t aware of how alarmingly easy they are to get. Urinary tract infections are caused when bacteria enters into the urinary tract through the urethral opening and multiplies, causing an infection.

 Facts about UTI

  1. Bacteria are not the Only Culprit

Most of the UTI is caused by bacteria named E.Coli, but they are not the only cause of this infection. Harmful organisms such as a flatworm specifically may cause UTI’s.

  1. Antibiotics

Bacteria’ which cause UTI’s develop resistance to antibiotics. The things doctors give us to kill the bacteria also makes it stronger and harder to kill. It’s a big problem as bacteria can bounce back, causing recurrence.This is one of the reasons why recurrent urinary tract infections are so common.

  1. Urinary Tract Infection Complicates Diabetes

A recent study found that patients with diabetes are more likely to have drug-resistant bacteria that cause urinary tract infection especially if their diabetes is poorly regulated. Studies also show that both men and women with diabetes have a greater risk of developing urinary tract infections than others

  1. Pregnant Women Have Added Risks

The occurrence of urinary tract infection increases more for women during pregnancy.  Lots of changes happen to the body during pregnancy. The uterus is directly on top of the bladder and as it grows it can block the drainage of urine from the bladder.

  1. Menopause

Just before or after menopause, a decline in circulating estrogen causes changes in the urinary tract that make you more vulnerable to infection.

  1. Constipation

The pressure on your urinary tract can cause urine to not empty all the way, another way that bacteria can linger and multiply.

  1. Wiping the wrong way

All women are at risk just because of their anatomy as they have a shorter urethra and a narrower space between your two lower exits.

  1. Tight Fitted Clothes

Restrictive clothing contains ‘everything’ in one area. Though bacteria are present in bodies all the time, people can do things that increase the chance that bacteria will migrate into the bladder and cause an infection.

  1. Catheters

UTIs are a super common hospital condition. A catheter is a tube that is attached to urinary tract and allows urine to drain out of the bladder and collect in a bag.This leads to a higher risk of infection due to unsanitary insertion and irregular backup of urine.

  1. Dirty Toilet Seats

Many disease-causing organisms can survive for only a short time on the surface of the seat, and for an infection to occur. The germs transfer from the toilet seat to the urethral or genital tract giving a Urinal Tract Infection.

UTI is all about the bacteria and the different ways it enters your system and multiplies, causing an infection.

Preventative measures should focus on keeping the bacteria out.

Dirty Toilet seats are the most common place to catch an infection. Using a Toilet Seat Sanitizer is the only solution to keep the germs away.

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Feature Image Source: health365.com