10 Doordarshan Shows That We Still Miss

TV Shows

Old days were the gold days. With one television set at home, everyone looking at the small screen, eagerly waiting for their favorite shows to hit the screen on time. Be it family series, teenage shows, kids’ special episodes or music, television meant only DD-or Doordarshan. Programs aired on DD channel enthralled its viewers with infotainment, that majorly comprised of information related to aware and create an impact on the Indian mass.

Those monsoon evenings when Chotu, chaacha, uncle, mama, papa or bhaiyya went up on to the terrace to fix the antenae of the television. Fixing the antena to get clear TV network and screen and get rid of the buzz sound with color bar when connection was unreachable reminds me of my childhood days. Today, with different channels and their varieties of series have created a loss of interest towards the National television channel. Everyday after school, I waited for my favorite musical show-Meri Awaaz Suno!

Lets read about a few of them if you tend to remember and cherish your youthful days!

1. The Mahabharata


The Mahabharata is the immortal epic of all time. Every nook and corner had not a single person to be seen around the show timing. Every person seemed to gape at the TV screen with their praying hands and bowing heads towards the imitated devotees.

2. Shaktimaan


Its chivalrous title track, the unforgettable dialogue-“Choti Choti Magar Moti Baatein,” and “Sorry Shaktimaan,” compelled every parent to buy the Shaktimaan uniform for their kids on their Birthdays.

3. Chandrakanta


Naugadh-Vijaygadh ka Raajkumar-Chandrakanta se karta tha pyaar.” Its love story and victory over land disputes still finds a special corner in the hearts of the show lovers.

4. Yug


Veeru in Yug simply made himself the heart throb of the show.

5. Rangoli


Every Sunday morning was incomplete with the melodious songs of classic movies played in the show-Rangoli.

6. Detective Byomkesh Bakshi

Detective Byomkesh Bakshi

The only Indian detective series that still makes us fall in love with its amazing story line.

7. Shanti


And who cannot remember this lady who still creates an impact on every youngster. Yay! I am talking about Mandira Bedi. Shanti was one of the most popular family shows during those times when there was no Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki or Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

8. Captain Vyom

Captain Vyom

Capt. Vyom protected the Universe! Or this was the Indian version of Star Trek!!

9. Waqt Ki Raftaar

Waqt ki Raftaar

Every Television had this title track being played before the entire family stayed glued to its episodes.

10. Suraag-The Clue


Sudesh Beri-the Suraag detective searched out every clue to a thriller, suspense or murder. I still remember I had got goosebumps after watching one of its episodes.

Oh my god! I so much want to watch a few of these shows right now. It feels I have grown older!!

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