10 Mouth Watering Dishes Every Workaholic Should Have In Delhi


Karim’s Chicken

KarimSource: katpegimana.wordpress.com

If you are a Non-Vegetarian, then you cannot leave Delhi. Spend only around Rs 1000 to 1200 for the family of 4 and eat a delicious meal with some beverage. Order Chicken Seekh and Mughlai Korma for the best results and I am sure you will go again.

Moolchand ke paranthe

It’s more than a circus, when you will see a man throwing a parantha on a big tawa from the distance of 3-4 meters. Famous for its Egg Parantha, the stall is always full on the roadside. Just rush there if you are empty stomach. Around 150 is the meal for 4 there.

Satya Niketan

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The one reason why students take admission in South Campus is because of Satya Niketan’s Kathi rolls and Tandoori Momos. Mind it; you cannot wait for them to get thandaa. Go for Chicken or Egg roll and it will make your evening. Spend 100 bucks for one and remember always.

Chacha ke Chhole Bhathure

Chole-bhatureSource: delhifoodwalks.com

What about a Sunday morning when your wife is feeling lazy in making some breakfast? Make your family happy with some Punjabi tadka. Visit Kamla Nagar Market and you will find more traffic near the shop rather than on roads. The whole family will be satisfied in just Rs 200.

Paranthe Vali Gali

Paranthe-wali-galiSource: masalamagic.wordpress.com

For some food lovers, Delhi-6 is Paranthe Vali Gali only. If you will ask me, well, I will say the same. It is possible that you will not find the place standing in front of the shop. You can understand what I mean. You are just left with your chance to come. Till then, enjoy watching others. Rs 180-200 are enough for the family of four.

Roshan Di Kulfi

RDK Source: faagio.com 

The delicious kulfi at Karol Bagh after the lunch will make you forget everything. Try any of them and it will become your favorite flavor. A good place for diabetics too as they sell sugar free kulfi. Spend less than Rs 100 for one & tell your experience to others forever.

Prabhu Ki Chaat

BhalleSource: flickr.com

Please don’t forget to have Gol Gappa’s and Dahi Bhalla’s of Prabhu Ki Chaat at Pandara Road, Khan Market. Always take some person along with you because you cannot finish the single plate. Meal for the four is around Rs 200.

Pappu Ki aaloo chaat

After having around 50 times, I still can’t understand which chutney he put in the aaloo. Amazing Aaloo Chaat at Barakhamba Road starting at just Rs 30. You will surprise to see his coverage in various newspapers when you will reach there. He himself says, “Pappu ki chaat, Rahegi yaad.”

Khandani pakode Vala

You cannot guess the types of pakodas they make with mouth-watering chutney. They make around 15 types of pakoras and are satisfying the Sarojini Nagar area daily. They are famous for their Sweet Corn Pakoda, Kamal kakri Pakoda and Patod Pakoda. Starting from Rs 10, you will definitely going to take 2-3 times more.

Jalebi Vala

Jalebi-walaSource: yummraj.com

You will not say Jalebi vala after seeing his Jalebi. Actually it is ‘Desi Ghee ka Jaleba’ at Chandni Chowk. Make sure you don’t have it with closed eyes as an ant can join you in the same plate. Hahaha!! Cost for a Kg is around Rs 400.

Enjoy these mouth watering dishes at any time of the year. This is one of the reasons why people don’t want to leave Delhi. So, being empty stomach sometimes is good at home so that eradicating hunger can be delicious.

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