10 Things That Every Mother Should Teach Her Daughter For The First Menstrual

Menstrual Cycle

The mother of an adolescent girl is somebody with lots of responsibilities. It is especially at the time when the daughter is just about to set foot into her adolescence that her role as a mother comes on to is of crucial importance.Such a time requires the mother to be a guiding force in her daughter’s life, and to make her sit and talk her heart about the physical or hormonal changes which she is going through.

-The first thing to do is to assure your daughter that the symptoms she is observing are natural and that there is nothing wrong with her.If you have this comfort level with your daughter,all the following awkward moments will become easier.

-It is important to set the context and have an air of casualness before such a sensitive topic is brought up.Thus as a mother, you need to get your daughter in a frame of mind in which she is able to digest this sensitive talk.

-To cut the awkwardness which is obvious in such situations, many mothers joke about such issues and try to lighten the mood of her daughter. This might have some pleasing effects at the moment, but at the same time it is also not a very good strategy to work with.

-Making your daughter known with the details of the stages in a menstrual cycle is imperative. Make sure you explain the various stages and help her connect with them.

-Kids are highly influenced by media today and can relate to it very well. It is quite probable that your daughter would have seen some advertisement or commercial about menstruation cycles or the products of interest. Try and pick up those commercials in your chat with her, so that she is able to connect with it.

-The peer group influence looms large over the minds of kids and this chat with you might not be the first chat on the topic which she would be a part of. During your conversation, ask her if any of her friends or classmates have experienced this or talked about it, and relate your ideas with the conversations. This would engage her better and help her make peace with the phenomenon faster.

-One thing to ensure while having such conversation about menstrual cycles with your daughter is to make sure that you sound positive in your tone. Please ensure that your daughter does not feel guilty about such phenomenon, and accepts it as the nature’s way.

-Since your daughter is heading off to a whole new experience in her life, it is a good idea to keep her positively encouraged and motivated. Mould your talk such that she feels confident about her thoughts, body and feelings etc.

-Encourage your daughter to understand that the menstrual cycle is a recurring event, and ask her to observe this in the months to come. This would in turn encourage her to accept it easily and make an adjustment in her life and routine.

-While you are discussing menstrual cycles with your daughter, it is a good idea to introduce the tools and products she would soon be using during them. Talk maturely and freely about sanitary napkins and explain to her how and why one must be used.


So, being a mother it becomes your responsibility to teach your daughter about each and everything phenomenon of this natural life cycle with ease and comfort.

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