10 Tips For Building Loving Relationships


Love that lasts all your life, and beyond! Can you find love that is deep, true and pure? Can you find someone with whom you can spend all your life, your old retired days? The answer is Yes, but to make it last for a lifetime, you need to work on it and keep the flame alive.

We are not perfect, in fact nobody is perfect and finding a perfect partner, is equally impossible. But, when you find your love, you both need to work together to make your relation Perfect! And that is all which matters the most. The magic you have together, the sparks and the unspoken level of understanding, all prove that you have a perfect relation. But as time passes, we all notice a gradual fall or say a dip in our relations. The love becomes weak, the flame gets old! Actually, it’s never the love that grows old, it is us who stop taking care and nurturing our love. We start taking our relation for granted, not nurturing our partner the way we used to be earlier. And this is the only reason why a lot of people, despite of having found their true love, move towards break-ups or divorces (if they are married). So, here are 10 simple love tips that will help you build your relation stronger, for a lifetime.

  1. Enter into a relation with a whole heart and mind

When you enter a relation, enter with all your heart and mind. Never consider your partner to come by and complete the void space in your life. This makes you dependent on your partner, emotionally and also physically.

  1. Know your partner from the soul

If you happen to find your love, don’t jump into the thought of a happy ever after. First understand your partner from the soul and only then take the decision of whether you want a long lasting relation with him/her.

  1. Learn from each other

A relation can blossom when both partners love to respect each other and have an open mind to learn things from one another. This will automatically make you a better person.

  1. Be independent

When we fall in love, we start getting dependent on our partners for our basic requirements. It is not intentional, but it happens. However, when you learn to stay independent and alone, you will see your relation complete, happy and perfect. You won’t nag on your partner when he/she is not around, a situation which causes fights.

  1. Analyze your fights

When there is love, there has to be small fights. It is natural. You cannot avoid little arguments which can creep up due to several reasons. But, after a fight you need to sit down and analyze the situation, the cause and the solution for the fight. This will help you avoid future fights.

  1. Keep the romance alive

Time and again, make your partner feel special and loved by doing things that pleases him/her. For instance, cooking their favourite meal, buying gifts, loving them unconditionally, etc. These things help keep your romance alive, despite the time.

  1. Share your time talking with each other

Talking is the best medicine to keep a relation alive. When you communicate with an open mind and heart, you build trust in your partner, and your relation. But when you avoid talks and keep yourself busy, you will see the change in the air, the love and your relation. So, talk and build your relation stronger.

  1. Enjoy your sexual encounters

If you guys are sexually intimate, make sure you give each other utmost pleasure. When you give pleasure to your partner, he/she thrives to you the pleasure back, making your relation stronger.

  1. Give away expectations

Never expect things from your partner when in a relation. More the expectations, more is disappointment when your expectations are not fulfilled.

  1. Learn to let go

Never hold back things in your heart and mind. Learn to let go small issues and mistakes. We are human and prone to make mistakes. Let go, and see how you can build your relation stronger.