10 Tips on How to Use a Condom the Right Way!


The Day of Love and Romance is back! It’s the 14th of February, the International Valentine’s Day. But this year, apart from being the Valentine’s Day, the 14th of Feb is also being celebrated as the International Condom Day. However, the latter may not be as famous as the prior, but celebrating the International Condom Day, surely makes more meaning than sharing cards, roses and gifts for your partner. After all, using condoms can save your life, avoid unwanted pregnancies and shield you from STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) such as Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and HIV. So, which one is more important, celebrating Love with your partner or celebrating a protection that we all need for a safer and better health? The answer is a blend of Both. Enjoying your love but with the care and protection of a condom.

This Valentine’s Day, no matter whether you are with your soul mate or with your new partner, make sure to stay safe and be cautious of your advancements. For your benefit, keep a condom in your pocket and know how to use it rightly. In order to help you increase your safety with a condom, here are 10 tips you will surely be pleased to know. Remember them, and make sure to use them when needed. These points may sound very cut to point, but when it comes to using condoms for your safety, it makes no meaning beating round the bush. So, here are 10 tips on how to use a condom for the best results.

  1. Use a fresh condom, for every sexual intercourse.
  2. For an uncircumcised penis, pull back the foreskin and then put on the condom.
  3. Put the condom only after the penis is hard and before you come in touch with your partner’s sexual parts.
  4. In case your condom does not have the reservoir tip, make sure to pinch the tip carefully and then leave about half an inch space for the semen to fill into it.
  5. When pinching the tip of the condom, make sure you place the condom against the skin of your penis and then unroll it all the way to the base. Add some lubricant outside.
  6. This may happen in the rarest case, but in case you feel the condom is about to break, stop and pull out of your partner. Wear a new condom and only then continue ahead. This may spoil your mood, but this may save your partner from an unwanted pregnancy and from an STD infection.
  7. After the intercourse and ejaculation, grip the rim of the condom and carefully pull it off from your partner, while the penis is still a bit hard.
  8. For removing the used condom, make sure you pull it out gently, making sure that the semen doesn’t spill out of it.
  9. Take a tissue and wrap the used condom in it. Bin this wrapped condom in a trash where it cannot come into the contact of other people. Remember, Don’t Flush it. A used condom left open in the toilet may cause problems in the sewage.
  10. In case you have had alcohol or any other form of drugs which can affect your judgment, remember to keep a condom nearby.

How to increase the protection using condoms

  • Choose the type of condom you feel most comfortable with.
  • Store the condoms in a box carefully
  • For every sexual intercourse, remember to use a new condom.
  • Use the condom rightly, right from the start to end.

Now that you know about these important tips on how to use a condom, make sure you follow them rightly for a safer Sexual experience.

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