10 Tips to Safer and Healthy co-sleeping with your Newborn!

mom sleeping with baby

She has been attached to you ever since you got the news of your pregnancy! Right from eating together, sleeping, feeling her movements inside you and probably even talking to each other while you were pregnant, the attachment of a baby and a mother is something you cannot describe in words. But, when you have her in your arms and are home back from the hospital, it gets important that you take special care of your newborn, overly sensitive baby from a lot of things, including you. Of course, you might feel it absolutely inseparable but, in order to co-sleep your baby, you need to consider a few things which will help your baby survive through her first few days in this wonderful world.

There are 10 guidelines that women must have to take into consideration while sleeping with newborn baby.

  1. Attend Your Child Always
    With your newborn, never take the risk of leaving her/him alone. Always pay attention to the movements or activities of your child, especially if you have laid her on an adult bed (high from the floor and without rails.)
  2. Make Baby Sleep On Their Back
    When you put your baby to sleep on her bed, place her on the back. Making your baby sleep on her back automatically reduces half the risk of SIDS.
  3. Avoid Blankets
    Sleeping with your baby is not an easy thing at all. Blankets used to keep you warm through the night can cause suffocation to your newborn baby. So, the best way for you to co-sleep with your little baby is by wearing warm clothes for the night and pulling just a soft light-weight sheet upto your waistline.
  4. Avoid pyjamas or clothes with strings
    keep your clothing simple when going to bed with your newborn. Remember to remove jewelry and things that your baby may suck and get choked during sleep.
  5. Choose a Firm Mattress
    Never choose a waterbed or a mattress with an egg-crate softness as it may cause your baby to slip off and suffer from breathing complications leading to SIDS.
  6. Choose to sleep on a mattress placed on the floor or a bed with bed-rails
    Children keep on rolling as they do not have control when they are small and this is the time you have to assure that you have a bed-rail. You can always keep pillows all near the area where the baby is sleeping. This would assure their protection and stop them from sleeping.
  7. Place the bed away from hazardous features
    Keep the bed at a position which is away from the window rails, picture frames, electric gadgets and sockets.
  8. Say No to Pets
    Pets can be very caring for babies and the house inmates. But, when it comes to a newborn taking risk is not an option. The fur of your animals can cause allergies to your baby and sometimes even breathing issues. So, for the best health of your baby, make sure you don’t have your pet around.
  9. Never consume alcohol to bed
    Under the effect of alcohol, you may never realize when you unknowingly suffocate your baby or when you baby gets choked in sleep. Remember that even a glass of wine can have a huge effect on you.
  10. Avoid Smoking
    Cigarette smoke can cause asthma and risk the life of your baby, also leading to SIDS.

So, enjoy sleeping and watching your baby all through the day and night with ease and safety. Care your newborn more and enjoy co-sleeping with your little bundle of joy.

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