10 Ways To Make Extra Money In Retirement!


Retirement – One word that makes us all feel old! But, can we deny the fact that as our age progresses, we need to start accumulating as much funds as possible for our better and insured health? No! It is a basic necessity today to secure our future, our retired life or at least ensure our loving life partners that all will be safe. Apart from your financial plans and your investments which you have been planning for a long time, here are a few tips to help you save extra money for your retirement days.

  1. Restrict expenses

We all love to live a luxurious life, which pampers us to the core. Bu once you have retired, you need to start thinking about boosting your savings and decreasing your expenses. So, in order to achieve this, restrict some of the unnecessary expenses. Look after your basic necessities, but when it comes to spending more money just out of habit, restrict yourself.

  1. Start a Part time job

When you retire, it doesn’t mean you will simply stop working or you can never work again. You may not prefer working full time due to your age and physical pain, but working half time is a great option, not just to keep yourself busy, but also increase your savings.

  1. Start a Business

One of the best things about aging is that it increases you experience in work and life. You become an expert, after getting your skills polished perfectly due to the years of experience. Thus, starting a small time business is a great way to stay busy and also increase your savings. However, make sure that you don’t invest without a proper plan and analysis.

  1. Get rid of unwanted stuff

Have a look around your house and you will see way too many unwanted things stocked and piled around. Well, what do you do with this? Simply sell them away and get a good amount for them, something which you can use for purchasing your basic necessities.

  1. Use your skills and expertise

Sitting idle is not a good option, when you retire. It not only makes you dull and slow, but also eats up all your savings. Instead, simply choose to start working based on your expertise and skills to keep yourself busy and keep the cash flow intact. You may work on contract basis or hourly basis for your skills.

  1. Tutor kids

Share your knowledge with the kids around you. Children love learning new and interesting things, but only when they are taught in the right manner. So, share your knowledge, pass them your skills and see them grow into beautiful individuals. Teaching is a good profession and will also get you a decent income.

  1. Offering services

Now that you are retired, you will have a lot of free time to yourself. Instead of sitting idle and reading your favourite paper, help people around by offering them help and services, such as taking a dog on a walk, baby-sitting, etc.

  1. Follow your hobby

We all have hobbies, some simple some intricate. But, when you have retired and have a lot of free time, it is a great time to start following your hobby closely. For instance, cooking, colouring, art, painting, etc. Once you prove your mettle, you can then allow people to follow you and your hobby for a small fee.

  1. Renting

If you have a beautiful property, don’t let it rot as a dead investment. Give it on rent to people, but only after you have checked their background and profile details.

  1. Play safe with your money

Never gamble, never get lured with high return investment policies which require you to invest your finances for a long time. Instead, simply play safe and invest in plans that offer you good returns.