12 Essential Tips To Stay safe from H1N1 Flu At Workplace

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No doubt that number of people suffering from flu is increasing rapidly. The H1N1 flu season is on. And public places such as schools, malls and workplace are a few most obvious spaces where people can easily fall ill. But does that mean you stop going to work or school? The main reason for the infection is the environment inside your office. With many people working under the same roof, getting infected by the viral is something you can’t avoid. Flu is contagious and in order to prevent it from spreading in the working premises, one needs to take the following steps into consideration.

  1. The first and foremost thing is educating everyone regarding personal hygiene.
  2. Majority people contract the disease through nose, eyes and mouth. So, make it mandatory for everyone to wash hands at regular intervals and wear nose mask.
  3. Make sure that the working premise is sanitized throughout the office area.
  4. Ask the concerned person to clean the desk, phones, keyboards, door knobs, conference table, remote, etc. at regular intervals.
  5. Make it the company’s policy that any person having even the slightest symptoms of the flu must avoid meetings or official group gatherings.
  6. The Center Of Disease Control & Prevention recommends minimum distance of 6 feet from the person suffering from flu.
  7. Sanitizers have to be placed strategically on the other hand in regular intervals. Also, the sanitizer must have 60% alcohol content such that the majority of bacteria’s & virus are killed. This greatly helps in making the office premises safe.
  8. Assure that employees use handkerchief or tissues while they cough or sneeze.
  9. Make the office space well-ventilated. Make sure you keep the windows open rather than using AC.
  10. Adopt a healthy lifestyle with right food and exercise.
  11. In case of an infection, prefer to stay at home and get complete rest.
  12. Don’t get into physical contact with any person and avoid shaking hands with people. Wear gloves and wash your hands regularly.

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