15 Signs You Found Your Soul Mate!


When we come across people, we unknowingly check them out! The clothes they wear, their habits, their appearance or you may say, their entire grooming and personality. Once you know how to accentuate your personality, you will experience all the attraction in the world, including Love!

Love is in the AIR! You may just love watching those beautiful romantic movies, the hugs, kisses, holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes and wished deep within to have found your soul mate soon. But, you just don’t accidentally bump into someone and realize… Oh yes… this is my true Soul Mate! You just don’t make the connection in an instant and jump into it like one of the Disney fairy tales. Life is a bit aloof the Love at First Sight thingie! It may be true for a few, but the chances are really rare. Falling in Love is much more complicated in today’s generation, especially when couples don’t take much time in deciding the differences and hopping off to another relation. The Forever promise is just for a few who actually find their True Soul Mate. But how do you realize that you have actually Found the perfect partner for you? How do you know that you will never find any one like him/her? Well, here are some signs that may help you understand that this is the person for you! There are signs that point out the love between you and your partner. So, go through these signs and check if you have experienced them with someone special, someone whom you are very close to. If yes…. then hold on to his/her hand and Don’t ever let go!

  1. Read Each other’s mind

One look, and you know what he is thinking or is feeling right now! Call it telepathy love or whatever… but it is the first sign for sure!

  1. You Don’t like letting your partner go

You don’t like it when he is not around you… and you would never want to feel that way if possible.

  1. He knows the trick to calm you

When you are mad, he knows just the trick to calm you and cheer you up!

  1. Challenges you to be better

Every single day, he will keep pushing you, challenging you with new work.

  1. Know What annoys you

He surely knows what things annoy you the most and tries his best to keep you away from them.

  1. The spark between you

It may have been just a few months, an year or several years, but the spark between you is still there.

  1. Feel relaxed with him around

With him around, you always feel relaxed and comfortable.

  1. Love talking about things

At the end of the day, the two of you just love talking about things that your partner missed.

  1. You know each other from the core

No matter how much time you guys have spent together, but you know each other from the core.

  1. Take decisions that help you both

When it comes to agreeing and disagreeing on things, you take decisions that is not just good for you, but BEST for both!

  1. Family love

You feel very much comfortable with each other’s family!

  1. You feel at peace with him

With your partner around, you feel absolutely at peace emotionally, and don’t want to go out searching for things to keep you relaxed.

  1. Support and understand you

Your partner supports and understands you like no one else, whether it is your profession or any other decision.

  1. Feel protected and loved

He loves you at all times and you feel protected with him around.

  1. Work as a true team

Whether it is cooking, cleaning, dancing or working, you both make a good team.


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