5 Ideas To Celebrate Kids’ Day

kids day

Children’s Day is identified on various days in many places across the world while in India, it is celebrated on 14th November. Childhood is the sweetest phase of all that can be appreciated for a lifetime. Children’s Day celebration is fun for the tots but it is important for the parents too. Before the day actually knocks at the door, why not plan something special and interesting that could bring a bright smile on your little angel’s face. Ideas can be dramatic or as imaginative as you could believe. You need to be playful and active with things that could prove to be useful for your children and their happiness.

Here are a few fantastic ideas that could help you celebrate the day with full zeal and enthusiasm. So, gear up and make the day super fun.

Plan a day out: Why not plan something that would interest your kids and you as well. A day out with them to a nearby park or picnic spot might be a recreation theme. Eating out, playing games, water games or boat rides might be enjoyable and fun.

Decorate your kids’ room: How about bringing an infinite smile on your tots’ face. Plan something creative for your child to remember the day forever. Decorate the room with special effects of lights, and colors. Add new carpets and curtains, along with stuffed toys and books.

Craft activity: Creativity is an inborn talent that can be enhanced with a tint of new ideas. Things like making paper bags, eye masks, doll house, wall hangings, puppets, decorating diyas and hundred other ideas can be brushed upon your kids. Participate with them and make the day bigger and fun.

Drama themes: Whatever be the age, your kid will always love doing or watching drama or plays. Interact with them and discuss social and cultural issues with them. Make them socially active. A theme drama party can be organised like retro or Halloween that creates interest and fun altogether.

Distributing gifts: How about celebrating the day with slum or poverty stricken kids of the society. Giving gifts to your kids is important and so is to slum kids as well. Train your child to be social and distribute sweets or gifts to friends too.

Therefore, celebrate this day to honour your children with love, care, protection and development. Make this day more beautiful by gifting your children delightful and useful gifts this year. After all children will always remember the feeling that you cherished them with.

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