5 Meals You Can Eat For Rs 20 Or Less


So Amma has inspired Delhi Government to start ‘Aam Admi’ canteens where you will be able to buy a meal between Rs 5 to Rs 10. Amma Canteens in Chennai and Tamil Nadu are very popular. With idlis for Re1 a plate, sambar rice for Rs 5 and curd rice for Rs 3 a plate, there are no cheaper alternatives. You can still get some low priced meals Delhi’s streets, if you can looking to keep your budget tight yet looking for something wholesome.

Channa Kulchas:

chana kulcha

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This is my top favourite. For Rs 15-20 you can get two kulchas, with a katori full of channas, freshly tossed together with tomatoes, onions, green chilies, coriander and a spicy mix of masala. The dash of lemon and the stuff green chilies make the dish even tastier. I have tried replicating the street side taste, but have never been able to make it so chatpata. Available: along most street corners in Delhi.



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These come in all varieties: aloo, anda, pyaz, paneer and the stalls are open late at night at places like ITO, Hauz Khas bus stand, outside HUDA City Center to name a few popular hangouts. They are hot off the pan, oily but so tasty for hungry souls, working on soulless night shifts. One piece costs between Rs 10-20 depending on stuffing you opt for.

Bun, omlette maska:


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This is universal meal for hostellers along with a cup of over sweetened tea. The bun is lightly toasted on a tawa with oodles of butter and a quickly beaten egg is fired into an omlette and added in between the two end of the bun for Rs 20. These stalls can be found alongside most chaiwallahs. Ask for some extra green chilies to add zing to the taste. Get yourself a cup of tea from the vendor next door for Rs 12 to finish your typical hostellers’ meal.

Rajma Chawal:

Rajma Chawal

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This ubiquitous meal is available in almost every Delhi street corner. Huge patilas of rajma, freshly made, keeps bubbling. For Rs 20 you can get a plate full of steaming hot rice with rajma, making for a delicious wholesome meal. The same vendor will also most probably have the option of kadhi chawal at the same price. This spicy variation made from besan and buttermilk is also a fulfilling option.

Kachori subzi:


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This is also a favourite of Delhiiites. Kachoris are deep fried and resemble puris  but have a stuffing of onions or daal (lentils) inside. For Rs 20, you get two of them served along with a very spicy, watery potato curry. Makes for a meal, but beware as they are calorie-rich and can set shoot up your calorie count for the day.

 PS: A plate of Maggi spiced up with some onion and tomatoes for Rs 20 used to be a fantastic option till a while ago.

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