5 Ways To Get Ready For Love Making


Falling head over heels for that special someone, Going on special romantic lovey-dovey dates and then stepping on the threshold of choosing whether to get intimate with your partner or not… it’s all a very intricate part of Love!

Falling in Love and making Love are two of the most beautiful things in Life, especially when you share it with the one and only person you are crazy about. But, it’s not always a bed of roses when it’s about Making Love! In order to make your experience ecstatic, you do need to plan it all out well and take care of the smallest things which you may never consider in the usual circumstances. It’s not just about SEX…Making Love is much more than the three letter word. So, here are 5 must know and Follow tips to help you get prepared for a beautiful love making experience. Trust me… you might just wanna right back and thank me for this.

  1. Preparing your Body for Love Making

What turns on a man for love making? Well, it is surely your sexy body and how well you look after it. So, prepare your body for a beautiful love making experience. Get an appointment at the parlor, get yourself waxed and cleaned up, every place! Apply a soothing body lotion to keep your skin supple and smell beautiful. Wash your hair and remember to keep them open for that extra feel.

  1. Choosing Clothes to feel sexy

The clothes you wear for your partner before love making always has a great effect on the way he may make love to you. A skimpy sexy lacy gown may add that little feeling for an erotic experience as compared to a simple nightwear.

Wear clothes that boost your confidence and let you feel sexy for a perfect love making experience. Choose something that highlights your curves, your legs and your back. Don’t hide…after all it is something you really want to share with your partner. So, wear clothes that will accentuate your feeling while making love!

  1. Keeping yourself in the Mood

Women and their mood swings! Well, if you really want to have the best experience ever, remember to stay in the best mood. Don’t let anything pull your mood down. Enjoy some alone ME time, where you can think and mentally enjoy a picture of your cuddling with your partner. Do things that will surely keep your spirits high throughout the day. Cook…shop…Read your favorite novel…have a pleasing bubble bath…whatever you feel like doing. All you need to remember is….Stay in the Mood.

  1. Know what you want to experience

When it comes to men, they rightly know what and how to enjoy their time during sex. They are visually oriented for it. They get instantly turned on seeing a beautiful woman pass by. But for women, our body doesn’t always react to things that way. You need to trigger it out for yourself. So, remember your past experiences and think of all what you really loved doing. Think of everything that you wish to experience with your partner. And yes, don’t forget to send the signal to your partner. A small message to him can actually help you get him into the mood before he reaches home. So, be open about your desires to yourself and him!

  1. Take Rest

Listen to soft music, sleep and take rest for a while. This will actually help your libidos while making love. You surely don’t want to feel sleepy when your partner is trying to make love to you.

So, now that you know these secrets, plan it out for your partner and enjoy making love to him!


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