7 Camping Safety tips


Camping is always fun, especially when you don’t have to spend time in pain caused due to injuries. But with the right safety tips and some planning, you surely can make your camping experience fun and surely safe. So, if you are planning a camping trip with your friends and family, here are 7 safety tips you should consider without fail.

  1. Plan in advance
    When going to camping trips, make sure you plan everything in advance. Right from what you want to carry, the place, the people and your clothes. Plan everything in advance so that you can pack all the necessities together without forgetting anything.
  2. Pack your emergency kit with care
    An emergency kit is a must. A regular emergency kit should have everything from extra pair of clothes, sweaters, emergency flashlights, batteries, swiss knife, compass, night vision goggles, mirror, magnifying glass and whistle. These should be kept in small zip lock packets so that you can find them easily and also don’t cause clutter in your bag.
  3. Pack your First aid kit perfectly
    Make sure you also pack a small first aid kit for your camping session. The first aid kit should include bandages, sunscreen, pain killers, insect repellents, antiseptic creams, antihistamines, a snake bite kit, bug sprays, medicine for diarrhea, stomach infection and skin rashes.
  4. Check your camping site
    Once you have reached your camping site, make sure to check the perimeters around it. Make sure there are no harmful objects and trees that can cause injuries or risk the health of your loved ones. Check for ant beds, poison ivy, loose soil, terrains and also bees. Choose your camping site carefully.
  5. Choose a good tent
    Opt for a high quality tent that can protect you from the harsh weather and insects. Also make sure that you pitch your tent at an elevated height so that you don’t get affected by sudden rains and bugs.
  6. Always carry fire safety
    Carry a small fire extinguisher with you in your camping bag. During camping trips, you may never know when a small camp fire may spread around causing a lot of destruction around. A fire extinguisher can help you secure your life and also that of your camping bags.
  7. Water safety
    Water is a necessity for survival. But when you are out of water during your camping trip, you need to choose the best water sources such as rivers and ponds carefully for your good health. In such conditions, it is best to opt for water purification systems that you can carry to your trips.
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