7 Easy Personal Hygiene Tips To Increase Food Safety


Savouring the taste of your favourite food without any fear of food contamination! We all love eating our favourite food delicacies, whether they are home cooked or are from your most cherished restaurant. But, are you sure it is not contaminated with some bacteria?

Food hygiene in today’s time has become extremely important especially with the increasing health risks that prove fatal at times. One infection and you may need to be admitted in a hospital, emptying your savings for survival. This makes food hygiene very important for you and your dear ones.

Why Food Hygiene Is Important?

Improper food hygiene and sanitation leads to:

– Food Contamination

– Food poisoning

– Infection

Tips to Enhance Food Hygiene

Taking precaution is always better than falling prey to some of the most gruesome diseases. A few hygiene tips to include in your everyday lifestyle, and you can keep these food contamination and infections at bay. So, here are 7 simple tips to help you enhance your food hygiene and thus your health.

– Wash your hands and Arms

Use a good hand-wash or sanitizer to wash your hands before you start cooking or start eating your food. Make it a habit to wash your hands and arms properly to avoid any kind of contamination or infection.

Wash your hands before and after, cooking food, going to bathroom, touching your eyes and nose, tasting the food, smoking or chewing tobacco.

Always use warm water to wash your hands. Particularly clean your nails to remove dirt and contaminants. And use a clean towel to wipe your hands.

– Wash utensils

Wash the cooking and eating utensils with a good quality soap that can fight the micro-organisms that reside in your utensils after you have eaten your food in them. Steam them and then dry them well to free the utensils from any contamination.

– Wear gloves or cover cuts

Wear cooking gloves especially when you are using the oven. Also, make sure that you wash your gloves frequently to avoid fungal growth in them, which may later contaminate the food you are cooking or eating.

Also, remember to cover your cuts with a band-aid while cooking your food or eating your meal. You may get infected due to an open bruise or may pass on the infection to others through your cut.

– Use a hair net

Always cover your hair while you cook a meal. According to reports, an average person loses at least 50 hairs a day. And so, the chances of your hair falling into your food are really high, which can lead to food contamination. So, it is best to tie your hair and wear a hair net.

– Avoid cooking when sick

If you are sick, it is best to stay away from food, cooking and eating along with others. One sneeze, and you can get others infected by the same virus. So, it is best to stay away from cooking food and also eating your meals with others in your family.

– Wash aprons and shoes regularly

Whenever you enter or leave your home, you bring along a number of germs and contaminants along with you, through your shoes. Also, if you don’t clean your apron every day, it becomes a breeding place for some of the most infectious contaminants. So, clean your aprons and shoes every time you wear them.

– Clean & Sanitize cooking platform

Keep your cooking platform and dining table clean and tidy. Never let leftover food or dirt to pile around on your kitchen platform. Keep them clean and you will automatically keep a number of bacteria and virus at bay.