7 Reasons Why You Should Buy PeeSafe


We all promise to keep ourselves safe and hygiene but we cannot stay. Staying away from pollution is still manageable but what about the germs and bacteria that are unseen in home as well as public toilets? Do you have any solution? Well, if you have, still your perception would be change after reading it. PeeSafe, a toilet seat sanitizer has all the required solutions for you and your toilet. Let’s have a look!

Kills 99.9% germs

Pee-safe-Life is made to live each moment. It is not acceptable if any small bacteria or germ can end it. It’s that enemy which is not visible but can kill you; germs and bacteria are common in toilets that can close the whole chapter of your life. PeeSafe is the best solution to kill these harmful germs & bacteria. The sophisticated product protects against 99.9% germs and kills them immediately.

Masks the unpleasant odors

Pee-safeHow does it feel if you are using a toilet full of unpleasant odor? It leaves a bad impression. But you have to be prepared at each step of your life. PeeSafe solves all your problems related to bad odors. There is no chance of any unpleasant odors as it understands the common problem which every person faces in the public restrooms. This disinfectant spray removes all the smell from the toilet and keeps it safe.

Deodorize the whole toilet


A good fragrance always leaves a good impression. A clean & hygienic public toilet will always create a lasting impression on your mind. This step can be easier by just spraying a PeeSafe on the toilet seat. It deodorizes the toilet and also makes it healthy and safe to use.

Easy to carry anywhere

Pee-safe.There is always some kind of laziness in every person in carrying something heavy with himself. But hopefully a 75 ml Pee Safe bottle can be a pocket friendly for those. A light weight bottle of PeeSafe is like a solution to your tough travelling. You can use it anywhere and stay secure.       

Protect you against diseases like UTI

Pee-safe..Being healthy and safe is important in your life. You cannot stop the harmful diseases which are occurring but you can take the preventive measures. It is a fact that germs and bacteria are born in the unhygienic places like toilets. A strict step taking towards it can reduce major diseases like UTI, Gastro entities etc. PeeSafe is a safe answer to it by just spraying it on a toilet seat.

Sanitize the area within 5 seconds      

Pee-safe2Why taking any kind of risks in toilets when you can keep yourself safe with a seconds work. PeeSafe, a sanitizer that cleans the area within 5 seconds can become an easy, good and safe product to keep. Try Pee Safe and realize its importance in your life.

Last up to 150 uses

Pee-safe-Normally people say that a good product doesn’t last for so long. But what about a product which gives spray in less than a rupee? I think it’s a smart decision. PeeSafe gives up to 150 sprays which last for around 1 month with regular use.

When it comes to hygiene, never compromise! Who knows how’s the next day is going to be. Use PeeSafe and Be Safe!

This post was first published on 10th Sep 2015