7 Secrets you should know about Female Condoms


In the world of Sex, family planning and hygiene, female condoms have not achieved the fame and the success that they were designed to have. Even today, after almost two decades of its launch, female condoms are not globally accepted by both the genders, nor have they been made easily available to the people who wish to try it for its advantages. So, in order to boost its understanding amongst the public, here are 7 secrets about a female condom that will change your thought of not using them.

  1. The best way to prevent STIs

Amongst all products available, only female condom helps provide protection to both man and woman from STIs’ (Sexually Transmitted Infections). It is also the most full proof methods to avoid pregnancy and consuming hormones affecting contraceptive pills. So, if you are really concerned about HIV, STIs and pregnancy, female condoms give you complete protection in your hand.

  1. Men favor using female condoms too

You can’t be the only person deciding whether or not you should wear a female condom or not during sex. You need two to tango! Just like it is you who reminds your partner to wear a condom, it is a must for your partner to accept and approve of the fact for his partner to wear a female condom.

Female condoms are not tight, they can be easily worn in the vagina and don’t have a chance of leaking or breaking.

  1. It adds sexual pleasure

This, by far is one of the most interesting secrets about a female condom. The condom, unlike make condom need not be worn after a heated up arousal. You can wear it prior to sex and simply stay comfortable about the last minute condom drama. It is also made out of a heat transmitting material that makes your feel natural compared to latex male condoms. And lastly, you don’t have to hurry to remove it like male condoms. After sex, the couple can enjoy some romantic time together and then remove it whenever you get free.

  1. Huge variety available

If you think female condoms are a rare product, don’t get fooled. The product is easily available in the market and that too in a huge variety. You can check out the latex-free and also hormone-free options to enjoy your sexual experiences best. These products are available in almost 130 countries in the world and are highly researched for the best results.

  1. Cost-effective solution for complete Protection

Compared to male condoms, female condoms are believed to be expensive. True! But, when it comes to complete protection against HIV and pregnancy and abortion expenses, a female condom gives you 100% protection unlike a regular men’s condom. The product has been found extremely cost-effective even in almost 11 countries.

  1. Better Variety, Better Protection during SEX

Usage of female condoms greatly helps in enjoying protected sex. According to a study, performed in a few countries, it was found that that risk of HIV infection and also the chances of unwanted pregnancies was reduced to a commendable rate when female condoms were used compared to male condoms.

  1. Global Female Condom Day

Celebrating the success of female condoms, the National Female condom Coalition, PATH, The Universal Access to Female Condoms Joint Programme and the Center for Health and Gender Equity proudly launched the Global Female Condom Day in the year 2012, and recognized September 16 as the great day.

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