7 Things To Keep In Mind While Using Public Toilets

public restroom

There are many instances of us that we end up using public toilets out of no choice. We all know that public toilets are the most unhygienic places ever. In such condition it is our duty to take up all the precautionary measures to stay out of unhygienic substances. The following are the useful tips for you to always remember while using a public toilet.

  1. Opt For The Clean Toilet
    There are chances that you get uncomfortable as the majority of the public washrooms are not clean. You must go for the wash room which is the most apparently clean one.
  2. Using The Toilet Seat Cover Is Must
    It is certain that there must be many harmful germs and bacteria on the seats of toilet. So it is must for you to sit on the toilet seat cover. It is advisable to spray a toilet sanitizer on the toilet seat cover and then take your seat.
  3. Assurance Of The Toilet Papers
    It is advisable for you to make sure that there are toilet papers to serve the purpose. As you can always use the toilet papers and then touch the flush and taps of the restroom. You can always opt for the sanitized wipes to stay out of the germs.
  4. Flush & Drop Toilet Papers
    Prior you loo flush the toilet and drop few toilet papers inside the toilet. This is to save you from the dirty water splashes. Just assure that you do not overboard and clog the toilet.
  5. Washing Hands Is Compulsory
    After using the loo it is must for you to wash hands thoroughly in a way to stay out of the bacteria’s present in the toilet. At least take 30 seconds to wash your hands. Scrub well and make sure that you cover both the back side of the hands palms and fingers.
  6. Be Aware From The Rest Room Hand Dryers
    It is not always necessary that the dryers of the washroom are clean and safe. On the other hand they might not even environmental friendly. You can used the tissues paper or a handkerchief to wipe the hands.
  7. Must Have Faith On Your Immune
    Apart for all the unhygienic ambiance and fowl smell that you have to suffer from assure that you look forward to the trust your immune system. The public toilets are certainly unclean and shabby but it is you who have to take up the responsibility to trust your immune and assure your safety as far as being hygienic is concerned.
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