7 Tips To Protect Your Child When You Are Not Around


Child abductions, Child abuse, Child trafficking and Child accidents! These are just a few of the safety issues that catch our attention every time we consider the safety of our kids. Simply teaching them to talk, walk, read and write is not enough in today’s world, especially when the crime rates across the globe are escalating every year. Along with teaching them manners and their ABC’s, you also have to teach them ways to protect themselves, especially when you are not with them. So, while you put in every effort to make learning fun, also teach them safety tips that can help them keep safe, at all times.

It’s never wise to keep your children unattended. Kids, small or a little big, they always require some attention to ensure their safety. But, there are times when you cannot always be with your child. In the day care, in the society when your kid plays with other children, in his/ her school or while shopping, there may be instances when child is all by him/ herself. What do you do in such a situation? You can’t just let some stranger come and take your child away! Thus, here are 7 safety tips that you should TEACH your child, especially for safety when they are alone.

  1. Never Talk To Strangers

Kids love attention. They love to talk to people, especially those who smile and play with them. As far as they are enjoying their time with you and your dear ones, they are safe. But, when they are alone and have strangers around, it is essential that you teach them NOT to talk to Strangers. Never smile at people they don’t know. It is BEST to stay away from strangers.

  1. Never Take Gifts, Chocolates or Ice-creams from Strangers

In most child kidnapping cases, the kidnappers lure the kids with toys, chocolates and ice-creams. They also happen to mix sleeping medicines into them which allows them to easily carry your child away, without a fight or a scene. So, when you are not around your child, make sure you teach them not to take gifts, chocolates, etc. from Strangers.

  1. Teach Them About Emergency Numbers

Always teach your kids about the Emergency numbers. They should be aware of the help services and also know when to call them. Teach them about accidents, injuries and attacks. So, when your child is alone, they can ask for help and stay secured at all times.

  1. Teach Them About Child Abuse

Children are very innocent and noble at heart. They see everything with a positive outlook. This is how child abusers manipulate their mind, exploit or abuse them without the kids actually knowing about it. So, teach your children about Child Abuse. Make sure they talk to you, in case they feel someone manipulating them.

  1. Teach Them about Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse is a big consent these days, especially with the number of rape and sexual abuse cases increasing each day. Teach your children about Sexual Abuse, their private parts, why it is not good of people to see or touch them, etc. Also tell them to talk to you, if they find people trying to touch them or follow them. As parents, you should always listen to what your child has to say. A better communication helps them to talk to you more freely.

  1. Teach them About Good And Bad Touch

Good and Bad Touch! This is very important for children to ensure their safety when they are alone or surrounded by strangers. Teach your child why certain touches are bad and why some are good. This is something that is now being taught even in schools to avoid sexual abuse in children.

  1. Teach Them About Home Address and Details

In case your child gets lost while playing, shopping, etc. it can be really helpful if they know their address and phone number. They can take help of police officials or emergency services to get back home safely.