8 Dining Manners You Must Know

dining manners

You think you got impeccable dinner manners? However, you might still want to peruse this refreshing article to know or remind yourself about the chieftain gourmet principles to carve a dapper impression at the dinner table.

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The host should act as the host

The host should always be in charge. This covers everything from selecting suitable restaurant, making reservations in advance, and ensuring everything is in place as planned. This is pivotal with respect to business dinners as you don’t want to end up lighting a bad deal due to inactive hosting skills.(Trust me clients don’t come for food but to see your etiquettes)

Pulling chairs is a passé

It is genial to hold open the door for your client, but I would not advice pulling chairs for someone. Men and women usually love to pull and adjust their chairs themselves. Especially during a business setting, avoid such manifestations.

Use your intuition while ordering

The dinner meetings are the time where people usually don’t try to implore their dietary courses. So for instance if you know that your boss is a vegetarian but chooses to dine in a steakhouse, it is evident that he wants to have steak.

Stay parallely inclined

This means that if your client orders starter or appetizer, you should follow suit. You may throw an imprudent gesture on your client if you eat a course alone.

Managing cutlery

Usual etiquette demeanor states fork should be in the left hand, and knife in the right. Switching however, should not make a big deal. However, you should not lick food off your knife, or wave cutlery around when talking.

Spotting your garlic bread

Eating someone else’s bread roll can be embarrassing. To avoid this, the rule is “liquids on the right, solids on the left”. In this way, your garlic bread is the one on the plate to your left.

How to ask for something that is on far end on the table?

It is better to ask the person on the other end, to pass you the gravy bowl rather than wildly lunging forward.

Where to place your elbows?

“Keep off your elbows off the dinner table,” was usually suggested by our elders. However, it is not necessary. It is all right to keep your elbows over the table when you don’t use cutlery. At times, leaning forward using your elbows, shows your interest for the conversation.

I hope these dining manners will make your meal and meeting a pleasant one.

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