8 essentials to carry while on trek


Love to trek? Done with getting the travel route mapped out and packing the rucksack? Doesn’t just the thought of going for a trek get you all geared up and enthusiastic? Now that you are done with the planning, let us take a look at what you need to carry with you when you set out for the trek.

It does not matter if you are a novice or have travelled the trekker’s route many times a year; this checklist is what should always be handy when you are planning a trek. When you are packing your rucksack you need packing according to the duration of your trek. An overnight trek will need lesser items in comparison to a trek that is for a longer duration.

You will also need to keep in mind the kind of weather that is going to be there to carry warm clothes and warmers accordingly. Similarly if it’s going to be rainy, you will need to carry waterproof material to ensure that you are not stuck with wet things you cannot use. What you need to ensure is that you carry your basic necessities and ensure that your luggage as light as possible.

1. Food & Water

For trekking we normally choose lonely or deserted places like mountains, forests. These are the places where you would hardly find any food joints or restaurants. So the only way to quench your thirst or hunger would be to carry your food and water along. Water can still be found in natural streams, rivers etc, but food can be hard to find.

So before starting for a trek having a heavy breakfast is advisable from the starting point so that you can have lighter lunch. Ensure that you carry high protein bars and energy bars that can give you that extra boost of energy when you need it.

2. Clothes you need

If you are going for a day trek, one pair would be enough but incase the trek is of more than one day then extra pair of clothes are a must have.

The clothing would depend on the season you are trekking in. For eg- in summers wearing cotton clothes whereas in winters thick woolens would suffice. After all you won’t want to fall sick in midst of all the fun. During rains a good quality raincoat would serve the best.

Wear sensible shoes that are apt for trekking. Carry a glue or needle and thread for emergency reasons.

3. Shelter

If incase you are also planning to camp while on the trek, then carry a compact sleeping  bag and tent in which you can sleep in. You can refer to our earlier posts on how to choose the right sleeping bags and tents.

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4. First-aid kit

A First-aid Kit should be a must have in your backpack. You could be travelling in places where a doctor may not be easily accessible and it is advisable to carry a first aid kit that has the basic things in place. You never know when you this first-aid kit might come handy to you. The basic essentials you need to have in your first-aid kit are –

Antiseptic cream or an ointment, cotton / cotton gauge, scissors , tissues , pain killers , and other medicines for common illnesses like fever, cold, aches etc.

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5. Torches or Flashlight

Trekking expeditions can take longer time to complete than the estimated time. So it is always good to carry a flashlight or a torch while going on a trek. These are particularly handy when you need to navigate your way through places in the dark.

6. Mosquito Repellent

You don’t want to get attacked by mosquitoes or insects while on your adventure. Carrying and using a mosquito repellent is always better. You can use the popular arms bands that double up as mosquito repellents or use mosquito patches to keep the pests at bay.

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7.  Camera

If you want to capture the awesome moments, ensure that you carry your camera with you! If you are trekking in the rainy season, don’t forget a waterproof backpack that can protect your cameras from getting any damage.

8. Toiletries

Ensure that you are well equipped with the basic toiletry requirements. You can buy toilet kits online or just create one with the basic requirements. 

  •  Paper soap/ sanitizer
  •  Sunscreen and moisturizer
  •  If you are going on a trek for more than one day then carry your
  •  Toothbrush – toothpaste
  •  Toilette paper
  •  Sanitary napkins (for women)
  •  Shaving kit

Toiletry kit for women

It is always safe to be well equipped and be prepared for any kind of emergencies that can take place.  Once you have done that, enjoy your trek and enjoy in the nature to the fullest.