8 Friends Who Have A Special Corner In Your Heart

happy friendship day

It is rightly sung “Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge..todenge dum magar tera sath na chorenge!!”

So pure and enthralling the bond of friendship is!

Friendship is the only relation in the world through which all other relations grow. Unless you are a friend to somebody, you cannot develop any other strong relation with that person. A friend can be anybody who stays with you to share your feelings, care for you and be there whenever you need a support. Your parents, siblings,classmates, teachers, books among other acquaintances can be your friends. But a close friend is rare to find. A close friend is someone whom you can trust blindly, one who will understand you through all your thick and thin. Moreover, one who never judges you even if you are absolutely wrong.

This Friendship Day, lets see all those friends who have created an imprint in our life and made us a better person!

1. Someone who is always ready to help


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Oh! I am missing my friend who would have been ready to help me whatever be the case. I wish we could have stayed in the same city.

2. Someone who keeps your secrets in the safe

friendship day

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One friend whom you can blindly trust with all your secrets and dump them at their trust.

3. Someone who is always into trouble

friendship day

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This friend is always worried about every single thing in life and often lands into trouble.

4. Someone who is forever into the Party mood

party mood

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Whether you have excelled at something or going through a bland phase of life, this friend is sure to uplift your mood adding no bounds to fun.

5. The Geek


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The sole friend who saves you through a critical moment of studies or a tedious work.

6. Virtual Friend

virtual friend

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That special online friend whom you talk to for hours and share a special bond!!

7. Childhood Buddy

childhood friend

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The friend who became your closed one during your childhood days and still blackmails you with small things.:P

8. Psycho Friend


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One who is hat-ke and is extremely moody and makes things out of control for himself/herself or even for you! But whatever be the case, Har ek friend special hota hai!!

Happy Friendship Day!!

I am going to wish my friends. What about you??

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