8 Ways To Get Work Done Faster


We all know the famous economist- John Maynard Keynes. In the days of yore- back in 1930s, Keynes forecasted that his grandchildren will only need to work for 3 hours every day. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, it took a reverse and we now work more than double the hours! In these circumstances, companies are looking for ways to get more work done in less hours. We have compiled 8 such effective ways to get your work done faster.

Time every task

Parkinson’s Law states that, “Work consumes all the time allotted for it.” Hence, if you set no time limits for a task, you will work in an open ended manner therefore spending extensive time for one task. Setting time limits help you complete more tasks effectively.

Think that your day ends at 12 noon

Whenever you start working, set the wrap-up time limit as 12 noon. So if you know you have to go home at 12 noon every day, and have to complete important tasks by 12, you will work accordingly. This 12 noon technique works brilliant as it forces you to complete priority tasks quickly.

Allocate 1 hour every day at home for priority tasks

This is important for those facing discrepancies like constant interruptions, ever growing emails, and clamors in open place offices; all of which hinders you concentration and work flow. Counteract this with a 1 hour allocation technique while you’re at home. So before heading to office, use that 1 hour to plan out the flow of tasks that are high priority and require quality thinking. Do this for 3 weeks, and you will be surprised to see things speeding up like never before!

Don’t give more than 12 minutes for unimportant tasks

A person who spends extensive time working for unimportant tasks is not able to attain a high state of accomplishment. If you spend same amount of hours for a mundane task as you do for a priority task then you are just wasting your precious time. If you are able to differentiate between low and high value tasks, then you must also learn to differentiate the time you need to allocate for tasks. Otherwise, you will see that often you give more than required time for trivial tasks. This will leave you with less time to do something really important.

Hence, you must complete the unimportant tasks at break neck speed, set a time limit like 10 minutes or 12 minutes. Complete them such that it does not annoy people. That’s it! You have lesser number of hours to tick-off all the tasks from your To Do List. So ensure you spend minimum time possible on trivia. You’ll be surprised to find that how this technique saves you at least 3 hours every day.


If you find the old habits or processes leading to consume more time to give the output, innovate. Innovate new means to get the work done most efficiently.


Preparing a strategy is fine, but more important is to follow your strategy and monitor regularly.

Be bold

Great leaders have always moved on taking quick decisions and standing by them not worrying about risks.

Aim high

Aiming high helps you and your team to work with a broad vision in mind. So if you set the highest goal of winning a Cannes before starting on planning an advertisement creative, you and your team will unleash their maximum potential faster.

Last but not the least, writing your next day’s to-do list before going to bed reduces work anxiety greatly! So if you write out your to-do list prior to going bed, it will help you relax every day and have a good nights sleep. Also you will avoid wasting time during the mornings when you don’t know which tasks are high priority and which are not.

The above suggested ways are the keys to build your strengths in terms of getting work done faster. And you don’t need to build expertise on all of them! Just be good at one or two of the above abilities and you’ll get better.

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