9 childproofing must-haves in your home

baby proofing

In our last post, we talked about things to keep in mind when you are ready to childproof your home. Now that you are actually ready, we have made things easier for you by listing out 9 childproofing must-haves in your home. So get ready to shop for some of the best safety products that SafetyKart has to offer to you. 

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1. Door locks:  We recommend the Adco door locks that are available in a pair and locks that can be fastened on the right or left opening doors. This awesome product ensures that your little’s hands are absolutely safe and never get caught in slamming doors. Most accidents caused are due to the fingers getting caught due to the door shutting accidentally. This door lock can be fitted in a matter of seconds and it comes with an adult override that prevents accidental slamming of doors.

2. Electrical Safety: This is one of the most critical aspects that should never be ignored. Cover all electrical sockets in your home and tape down extra-long wires.   Invest in a Dream Baby Child Safety Power Outlet Plugs – 12 Pack that keeps your little one’s fingers away from the electrical sockets. If you have an operating table fan in the room, then use the fan covers that seals the opening of a fan and does not leave any space for your little one to insert their fingers in it.

3. Fire Safety – Most of us never anticipate a fire breakout at home. The truth is that a fire breakout can happen from reasons ranging to a short circuit to an unattended candle.  While we don’t wish for any such incident to take place, it is always better to be safe. Install safety equipments that will detect a fire breakout. Install smoke detectors that will pick up the first wisps of smoke and alert you from any potential dangers. Also install fire extinguishers in your home to douse small fires that are caused accidentally. If you have a multiple storey home, then place an extinguisher on each floor.

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4.  In the nursery: When your baby is in the nursery and you are in a different room it becomes a tad difficult to monitor what your baby is up to. For occasions like those and also if you sleep away from the baby, installing a baby monitor should be in the must have list. A baby monitor allows you to watch your baby in the nursery when placed away from you. The sensors in the monitor detect activities of any kind and alert you so that you can take a peek into what could be happening. If you don’t have a crib in the nursery and the baby sleeps on the bed, then install the clear net that protects your baby from falling down. 

5. In your living room: Most of the furniture is going to be in your living room. With coffee tables and settees, it is but natural that you may have furniture that has a sharp edge.  We recommend that you use Farlin sharp edge protectors on all furniture that have the potential to cause an injury.  If you have cabinets in your living room or any other room, ensure that you secure the drawers with Farlin drawer fasteners that keep the cabinets and drawers locked and avoid any kind of tipping over by them.

Farlin Digital Wireless Baby Monitor 300 x 300 px6. In the bathroom: Kids can drown in as less as two inches of water. So never leave your little one unattended in the bathroom.  You should put a toilet lock on the toilet lid to ensure your kid does not open it. Use a door stopper in the bathroom to ensure your little one does not get locked inside accidentally.  We recommend the Dreambaby Door stopper that also ensures no accidental slamming that can cause injuries to your little one.  Also use drawer fasteners if you have any cabinets within your child’s reach. 

7. A first aid-kit: Yes, a first aid kit is one of the most critical must haves in your home, car and even your office. There is no location we can think that should not stock a first aid kit. A first aid kit allows you tackle minor cuts, bruises and burns before you can head to the hospital. Ensure that your first aid kit is always stocked with the supplies you need for it.

8. In the car: When you are taking your baby in the car, ensure that you have installed a baby seat in your car that will strap your baby securely. As a precautionary measure, have a Baby on Board card sticker that can alert other drivers on the road about an infant in the car.

schoolmate1 6009. Other needs:  Once you tackled the majority of the list, you will need lots of other essential items that will take care of the daily needs.  What we are recommending here are safe, tried and tested products that are a must for your baby. A temperature checker by Farlin helps to check the water temperature you want to bathe your baby in, while the nasal aspirators and medicine droppers ensure that you administer the correct dosage of medicine to your baby.  The safety pins ensure that the pins do not open accidentally causing an injury. 

As you see, the list of products required for a safe home is pretty endless, what we have listed for you are the basics that any home would need when there are kids residing in it. So go ahead, and make your home a safe zone. 

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