A Healthy Mouth, A Healthy Body!


Brushing your teeth, flossing them and cleaning your mouth with a mouthwash is not just the key to a healthy mouth, but also to a healthy body!

Caring for your teeth, gum and oral cavity is very important, not just for a bright and shining smile, but also for your entire health. The connection between our mouth and body is not new to us. Whatever we eat, has a great impact on our health. But, whatever you eat with your healthy mouth adds more to your good health. A good and healthy oral cavity has the power to improve your health and also reducing the risk of conceiving serious health diseases. Healthy oral care habits are important in today’s time and need to be taught well to our kids. So, here is how your healthy oral cavity can boost your overall health. See the advantages and the factors that affect your oral health.

Health Benefits Of A Healthy Oral Cavity

– Enhances self-esteem

A happy and healthy gum always helps us smile and talk with confidence in comparison to people with a bad breath. For a better life, you need confidence and a healthy mouth.

– Decreases Risk of Heart diseases

Can a healthy oral cavity help reduce risks related to heart diseases? Yes it can! Inflammation caused due to gum diseases can lead to cardiovascular conditions, strokes, blocked blood vessels, etc. The link between gum conditions and heart disease has been found several times during studies.

– Keeps your memory Strong

People suffering from oral health problems such as gingivitis have issues with their memory along with certain cognitive skills. A healthy oral cavity helps you keep your memory strong.

– Decreases Risk of Inflammation and Infection

An association between your oral health and body health has already been developed. According to research, there is also an association between um diseases and the painful rheumatoid arthritis (that causes inflammation in the joints).

– Keeps blood sugar Stable (Diabetes)

People suffering with diabetes are more prone to gum diseases. Diabetes decreases your ability to fight an infection, leading to more severe gum conditions. As a result, if you brush your teeth and keep your oral cavity healthy, chances are that your blood sugar levels will also stay stable.

– Helps finish full term pregnancy

Based on a research, there is a small relation between gum diseases and pre-mature, low-weight (birth) infants

Factors That Affect Your Oral Health

Sugar Intake

This is old news! Consuming sugary food always contributes to gum diseases, bacterial infections, tooth decay, etc. You have to keep your sugar consumption in control and remember to wash your mouth after eating them.


Drinking alcohol results to a dehydrated mouth that enhances bacterial activities in the mouth. If you are drinking, remember to brush your mouth before sleeping to avoid germ build-up.


Smoking, as we all know, is injurious to your health. But, it is also bad for your mouth. Smoke from tobacco affects the gum tissue, interfering with the blood flow. It stains the teeth and causes oral cancer.

Weight Fluctuation

Change in body weight also changes the fitting of your oral dentures, if any, in your mouth. This means food residues settling inside your oral denture which lead to infections or gum diseases.


Certain antibiotics are known to stain your teeth and have certain effect on your mouth, causing ulcers, etc. Avoiding such antibiotics and treating your oral health is the only way to ensure a better overall health.