Banish Sports Injuries in Style!

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The athletes of today have come a long way since the Marathon of Pheidippides and the first four minute mile by Roger Bannister. No more is it just about only exercising the only body parts that matter, or taking rest when one gets injured. Competition is swift and the need to perform at maximal capacity an ever present requirement.

Today, it is about pushing our body to the limits of endurance, employing methods to outperform aggressive competition time and again. Despite the best training regimen, peak fitness and assistance from an army of physiotherapists, dieticians and psychologists, injuries are always waiting around the corner.

What do you do then, if the world championships are at hand and you sprain your hamstring just a week before?

The answer lies in kinesiology

Kinesiology, or the study of human movement, is the most important field of medicine that finds widespread applications in the field of sports, for obvious reasons. Within reasonable limits, certain muscle groups, ligaments and tendons can continue to function despite inflammation, tearing or spraining within reasonable limits, if provided support, because the other surrounding muscles ligaments nad tendons may make up for it in part.

With this concept as the background, KT Health has designed a revolutionary new product that holds good (pun intended) on its promise of providing relief from sports related injuries while not hampering your performance in the process.

Presenting the new second skin for athletes

Have you ever wondered why everybody from Novak Djokovic to Lewis Hamilton is sporting colorful tapes nowadays? What is this new fashion trend sweeping the sporting fraternity? Seeming almost like applying fluorescent paint strategically around various contours of the body, this ‘fashion fad’ is KT Tape, or kinesiology tape.

Before you begin to get befuddled further, this tape is meant to act as a brace or support for sprained, inflamed, edema (water) filled or torn muscle, ligament or tendon (the strips of cartilage joining muscles or muscle to bone). It is applied along the site of injury, keeping in mind the location and points of insertion of the respective muscle in question. Oh boy! That explains why this tape is stuck in peculiar patterns around various body parts, doesn’t it? Thank you, thank you (thunderous applause!)

kt athletic tape

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But we already have braces and bandages. Why choose this?

We would beg to turn around the question to you and ask – why not? How can you run with a bulky lumbar support or a thickly padded knee brace coming in between your bending, tilting and shifting? Would you rather not have something that you can stick on and forget during your game, focusing on your performance instead?

KT Tape is made from pliable ultra reinforced cotton sheath fibres that stretch to fit around the contours of your body while not losing its shape over long periods of time. Once applied, it creates positive feedback to your brain using the mechanism of proprioception, or the variation in muscle firing in response to the applied stimulus. In essence, it helps your brain send better firing signals to your muscle so it can recuperate while acting at the same time, by altering the input that the muscle it is applied upon sends to your brain.

Because of KT tape’s unique ability for unidirectional stretch, or stretching in length but not in width, it is able to stretch along the site of injury without hampering your range of motion. As far as comfort is concerned, its porous breathing mesh allows you to continually lose sweat through the tape itself, preventing itchiness, abrasions or rashes.

When we say it is the new second skin for athletes, we literally mean it. Adhering close to the skin, shifting with the movement of the site of injury, all the while remaining pliable and giving off moisture means that you can run it ragged in water, sand, grass or concrete without worrying that it will come off before it is supposed to. KT Tape holds good, real snug.

No wonder athletes around the world are flaunting it in style!

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