Benefits Of Eating Organic Food

Organic food

There are a lot of fads that keep on cropping up sometime or the other every now & then. Suddenly you wake up one fine morning and you see that the entire world is doing the very same thing. Selfies, trolls, memes, bucket challenges, and dieting. Almost everyone we look around us, fat or thin, tall or short, narrow or wide, happy or sad, almost everyone wants to go on a diet or is already on one. And the newest trend is to go on an Organic Food diet these days. But does it really work? What is Organic Food, in the first place? Let’s get to know bit of basics first.

In order for the food to be called “organic,” there are several entities that are extremely important and come into effect. There are various restrictions. The crops must be grown in safe soil and should be kept separate from the traditional crops throughout. There is a strict no-no for pesticides in the organic world. That means no chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, petro fertilizers, sewage fertilizers, et al, to be used to nurture the crops. The crops must grow purely organically since they are sown. Now, as this is the norm, the common question is, is it more expensive than the normal food? Surprisingly, it is not! And, even more surprisingly, it has a host of other benefits as well. And we jot down the same below.

  1. Organic Food Prevents Cancer: This can actually be listed as the biggest advantage of eating organic food since cancer is one of the most dreaded illnesses in the world today. The reason behind this is the fact that organic food generates huge amounts of antioxidants such quercetin and kaempferol. These antioxidents are not only dexterous in keeping cancer of every kind away but also prevent the heart diseases in human beings.
  2. Organic Food Boosts Immune System: Well, obviously, if you are “sacrificing” so much in selectively handpicking organic food out of everything available normally in the market, you are bound to expect a lot of day-to-day gains in return. This is it. Your body becomes stronger by each passing day as there are no harmful chemical fertilizers entering your body after eating the purely grown and bred organic food. It keeps away common illnesses too and makes you energetic and agile.
  3. Organic Food Tastes better than non-organic food: You never saw it coming, did you? But the fact of the matter is yes, it does taste better than artificially developed food. The chemicals that go into fattening and quickly ripening the fruits and vegetables also take away the juicy nature flavour of our food. Whatever is grown naturally obviously tastes the best.
  4. Organic Food Prevents premature aging: What else does a human want, eh? Eternal youth is a dream which can not be fulfilled but you can certainly extend your youth by eating the naturally ripened vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. The chemicals put in liberally into the foods available for commercial sale in the market do us more harm than we can imagine, and causing premature aging is one of the scary ones.
  5. Organic Food Reduces risk of cardiac arrest: As stated as a sub-point earlier as well, intaking organic food works extremely well for your heart as the human heart functions the best when it is supplied with pure supplements. As soon as it is fed with chemically grown food, its capacity of operations dwindles drastically, and it can only be pleased with the help of organic food only.
  6. Organic Food Promotes animal welfare: Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA as it is more commonly known is known to be found in higher quantities in animals who spend increased amount of time grazing on grass. That means basically these are the kind of animals which are not raised in confines and are uncaged throughout their lives. There are several advantages of CLA as well, one of the major ones being its ability to boost cardiovascular functions in humans due to its healthy, non-fatty nature.
  7. Organic Food Reduces dangers from pesticides: Now, obviously this had to crop in sometime or the other because this is the most visible difference between organic and non-organic food. And this is essentially the rood cause of all the diseases directly injected to the human body due to getting fed with non-organically grown and nurtured crops. All the dangers involved with chemical fertilizers are absolutely blown away if there are no chemicals used to produce the food we eat. The non-organic food degrades our anti-biotic resistance and also the general bodily immunity, and that is why it is extremely important for us to handpick the food which is not grown in a hurry. We need to select the purest kind.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. And a healthy body, in turn, is acquired if we eat the best possible food we can manage. Switch to organic food today to lead a healthier life.

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