Best Places In India For Women Lone Travellers

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We appreciate that travelling alone is probably not something that crosses a woman’s mind often.  Travelling for a vacation will however, boost your confidence and give you a sense of satisfaction.  We understand your desire for freedom and a break and bring you some places that allow you lots of ‘me time’ and a chance to indulge in tons of fun and self-pampering.  Go out for an amazing experience either on your own or your group of lady friends and create some of your life’s most happy moments. You owe it to yourself!

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The limits are only in your Mind

Our country is not limited in the number of nature endowed places. The only reason they may need some promotional brouhaha is since they are treasures tucked away and not yet noticed. Each of these places has captivating and rewarding views that is enough to take and keep you there.

Anegundi, Karnataka


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Anegundi, across the river Tungabhadra, from Hampi may not be the actual tourist destination but it is women friendly. It gives you a homely feel since you can pay and stay with the courteous and friendly locals. They also help you with a local guide with whom you can travel to the local places for sightseeing. Look at some awe-inspiring pre-historic rock art at Onake Kindi – easily accessed by an auto-rickshaw. If you are curious soul, go on to visit the ancient Durga temple, Pampa reservoir, some cave temples and a number of small yet intriguing monuments.  Breathe easy and be one with nature.

Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu

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If you are a nature lover, visit this pretty town of Masinagudi nestled in the foothills of the Nilgiris. It is brimming with wildlife and many species of the avian community. Conveniently located, Masinagudi caresses Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border and is a quiet and serene place since most tourists head on to Ooty or the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary. Elephant sightings are common in Masinagudi, but remember to have a local guide lest a misstep startles these gentle giants. This place has the perfect ambience to connect with nature, yourself and maybe like-minded ladies.

Sindhudurg / Sawantwadi / Malwan, Maharashtra


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Again homely, relaxed, tranquil and calm – you can visit either of these places that lie around Goa. The locals are hospitable and cheerful and greet you with knowledgeable smiles – knowledge of the fact that you are a city dweller and have come to share a few moments of peace with nature and also stay with them in their humble abode. There are other smaller resorts too if you choose not to stay with the locals. Since these places are so laid back, you might need a vehicle to move around if you intend to more than just relax and ‘do’ nothing. What better way to rejuvenate than to stare out in to nature, watch the sun’s antics and listen to the sound of your thoughts!



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Stick to the known tourist spots like the Chitrakote waterfalls to discover nature. It is a safe place for any traveler and there are seemingly endless expanses of forests and the hospitality and friendliness of the innocent villagers will blow you away. They seem unfazed and untouched by the so called ‘modern world’ and willingly offer you a cup of hot steaming tea with some home-made snack.

Enjoy the array of nature’s sights and some healthy food and feel pampered by the courteousness and attention of the locals. These are ideal places for women travelling alone and offer some incredible experiences in safe surroundings.

Explore some more and we are sure that you will find many more exciting locations with the feeling of safety and comfort.

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