Blogger Review: PeeSafe


PeeSafe review

We are delighted when our customers take out time to talk about our products. We recently launched a toilet seat sanitizer spray that is aimed at cleansing, deodorising and sanitizing the seat in a public toilet. The response we got to the product was overwhelming! And we are delighted to share the review of Shilpa Garg, a blogger. 

“I am sure most cringe when we need to use the public washrooms. The threat of toilet-borne infections lurks in our minds whenever one has to use a public washroom whether in a 5-star hotel or an airport or a restaurant or even the ones in the offices. The ‘dirty’ toilet seats and that typical smell makes us squirm too. For those few agonizing moments that are spent in a washroom, we pray that we don’t catch that nasty infection. Of course, chances of getting an infection are high from touching the door handles/knobs and taps/faucets in the washroom too.

There is respite from the frowns and worry as a new product has been introduced in the market to address these very issues. Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer is specially formulated to disinfect the toilet seat surface and deodorize the surroundings with its refreshing mint fragrance.”

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