Bottle Feeding Your Baby – Choose The Best!


Feeding you baby is surely the most divine thing for a new mother. Your baby, who nestled in your womb for nine months is now in need for more nutrition to keep his growth spurt in its peak. However, it is not always easy for a new mother to feed her newborn. There are several reason or situations due to which babies can’t drink the breast milk of their mother directly. They may be prematures who have not yet learnt the art of latching or sucking; they can be under effect of jaundice; or there can also be issues with the mother lactating. Thus, it is always best to be prepared with a standby Bottle feeding equipment for your baby.

Bottle feeding, in today’s generation has become one of the most commonly followed ways of feeding your little one. Whether you are out with your baby in a shopping mall, in a garden relaxing or at your doctor’s office, getting him checked, bottle feeding is considered as the easiest option for a mother and the baby. But, have you ever thought of how bottle feeding can also become a primary problem for your baby’s health? Well, if you don’t cleanse the bottle well, there are chances that your baby may get infected by a bacterial infection or suffer from digestive issues which may lead to diarrhoea and vomiting. Thus, it gets essential that you choose only the best bottles and nipples for feeding your baby and ensuring his good health.

Choosing the best bottles for your baby

With the market booming with over millions of baby brands, each providing you with an array of bottle feeding products, it gets more and more difficult each day to choose the best. However, in order to ensure that you choose right, you need to follow a few basic guidelines and also understand that every baby takes up bottle feeding in a very different way. If your previous baby didn’t have colic issues, it doesn’t mean that your newborn will also be free of colic problems. Also, your baby may find a certain type of nipple easy to suck to and may very aptly avoid other nipples and bottles for feeding. So, in order to help you, here are a few guidelines that you may follow for your baby’s health.

– If your baby has been previously breastfed, introducing bottles to him can be a mighty task. Choose a nipple and bottle that mimics the natural feeling of nursing.

– Check the softness of the nipples, their durability and suction mechanism before you choose it for your little one. Some nipples are harder than others and need to be sucked with a lot of pressure by the baby. This can be a really tiring task for the baby, especially if he is just a newborn.

– Choose either latex based or silicone based nipples for your baby’s bottle feeding routine. Latex nipples are comparatively softer flexible but not with a long lasting life. They need to be changed in regular intervals. On the contrary, the silicone nipples are slightly harder but they last real long.

– Check the nipple shape before you buy. A traditional nipple should look bell shaped while an orthodontic nipple is designed to accommodate the baby’s mouth and gums.

– If you are travelling with your little baby, make sure that you choose only the disposable nipples. This helps you ensure hygiene for your baby.

– Choose plastic bottles which are BPA free. Choose varying sizes for your newborn.

– Choose a bottle that allows the excess gas in the bottle to get away, thus not causing gastric problems to your baby.

– And finally, if you are using bottles to feed your baby, remember to sterilize them very cautiously, avoiding infections.