Brighten Up Your Aura With Luci Lamps

luci solar lantern

Lights and lamps brighten up our surrounding as well as create an active aura that help in providing strength and power. It is often claimed that waking up at dawn or taking a sun bath is good for health. Solar energy makes our bones strong and keeps us away from lethargy and blandness.

Different lights, lamps, decorative lanterns are used during festivals, (Diwali being one of them), hotel rooms, restaurants, houses or lawns where these can be used conveniently.  There are various solar lights that are being used by people these days. Solar lamps are both trendy and useful.

Luci Solar Lantern is an inflatable lantern that can be used as a flash light, emergency light, camping light or a torch. This lantern is portable hence can be easily carried out during trekking or excursions. The lantern is waterproof which allows you not to worry to keep beside water sources or about getting damaged on water tripping on it. This solar lantern can convert interior ambience into a beautiful and aesthetic atmosphere.

If you plan to use Luci lanterns at home, you need to use a set of 3-4 lamps together that capture sunlight during daytime and brightens up for the rest of the day. Its maximum charging duration is up to 12 hours that keeps bright all night. This solar lantern is safer to use and brighter than candles and kerosene lanterns. Luci lamps do not use batteries which also make it convenient to use anytime anywhere.

solar lantern

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How to use?

Luci lantern is easy and safe to use anywhere during any hour of the day or night. It needs a good solar charge of 12 hours and is ready to brighten up your space. All you have to do is inflate it, press the button on the bottom and simply start using to lighten your area.

 When can it be used?

Festivals: Especially during Diwali or any other occasions like weddings, parties, bar-be-cues, bonfires, this lantern can well lit your surrounding.

Adventure: All outdoor adventures like trekking, hiking, camping etc, this lantern well lights up travel trails. It needs to be hung around any specific point from where it can blink and make things visible.

Emergency situations: Any kind of emergency like power failure, outdoor trails etc, this Luci lantern helps you get a good lighting that brightens up your aura.

 Lantern has solar chargeable batteries hence is economical to be used by everyone and environment friendly that uses renewable source of energy. This can be easily used in forests, woods, islands and in all weather conditions.

Stay trendy #stay safe!!

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