Can A Pepper Spray Really Help You Stay Safe?


Every time we talk of women safety, people start talking about pepper sprays and defense classes. Yes, its all needed to stay safe, but when you use a pepper spray, are you sure it is going to help you run away from the situation safely? Well, Pepper sprays have always been one of the most loved safety gears for women. And why not, it has been proved for its effect on the stalkers or attackers.

Being prepared to fight through any situation is always the best solution for a woman. You need to be armed or say, guarded at all times. However, it is important that you know how and to what extent can your pepper spray secure you. You need to ensure that the pepper spray is strong enough to protect you from the attackers. Thus, it gets important to know whether or not your pepper spray can help you stay safe during sudden attacks.

A good pepper spray has a lasting effect on the attacker while a low quality spray will not have any effect at all. And what if you have a poor quality spray right when you are being attacked? Can you really protect yourself then? To answer your questions, here are a few points that you can consider while choosing or buying a pepper spray.

– Choose a branded pepper spray as your prime self-defence tool.

– Keep a check on the number of times you use a pepper spray. This will help you remember when you need to buy a new pepper spray.

– Before you use it on your stalker, make sure you shake it once or twice in order to mix the chemicals inside. This will have a lasting effect on the intruder and giving you more time to escape from the situation.

– A pepper spray, when used, should in a close proximity of the attacker. It will have no effect on you attacker if you spray it from a distance. Thus increasing the risk on your life.

– When attacked, instead of getting panicked, try to stay calm, and remember how you can use the pepper spray. The spray should be properly aimed and used within a very close distance for maximum effect.

– Always keep the can of pepper spray in your bag. But, remember to check its expiry date regularly. You certainly don’t want to use a spray that has no effect on your intruder. Such an action will only increase the aggression of the attacker, thus increasing the risk on your life.

–  Always make sure that the pepper spray is out of your child’s reach. in your absence, your child may spray the pepper spray on his face, hurting himself or may even damage the spray can, thus preventing you from using it when needed during emergency.

– If you suffer from asthma or any other respiratory disease, make sure to remember that Pepper Sprays are not made for you. Using a pepper spray will just increase your health problems, endangering your life instead of affecting your attacker. Using any other source of self defence will be more better for you.

So, now that you know about the basics of a pepper spray, remember to be prepared in the real sense and secure your life. And yes, a Pepper Spray can really help you secure your life!

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