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Since its inception 26 years ago, Padma Shri Vandana Luthra’s Curls and Curves brand, now known simply as Super brand VLCC, has come a long way. From selling skin care products initially, VLCC steadily rose the popularity ranks, and is now officially the most well known wellness brand pan Asia. Its premium range of skin care, skin protection and facial beauty products have found acceptance across sections of society and continue to be favored by millions of people in the country. Here’s a look at some of their premium products that are mostly preferred and used by people.

Skin care

What do you get when you blend thorough research, exotic plant extracts, cutting edge innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction? You get a product that is guaranteed to give you results minus the side effects. Which is precisely what VLCC delivers, time and time again. If you are seriously looking for a long term cosmetic super brand to rely upon, look no further.

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With the harsh Indian summer approaching, your face needs more attention than ever. Ambient pollution, suspended particulate matter, sweat, sebum and UV radiation all come together to play havoc on facial skin, the body part that unfortunately gets the most attention from others. VLCC has a range of refreshing face washes prepared from soothing plant extracts that gently hydrate,exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and restore the pH balance of your facial skin.
If you frequently have blackheads, try the new Watermelon and Bergamot gentle exfoliating face wash which will not only cleanse your skin but also keep it free from bacteria. Have dry skin? Try the Cacti and Litchi face wash. What better than a desert plant extract to keep your face moisturized with its soothing fragrance.
With your face now clean, the next step is to work on the complexion. People in the Subcontinent are mostly dark complected, so a good scrub such as the Gold Polishing Face Scrub will help you get that jewel radiance. The other thing that Indian women worry a lot about is tanning. We got you covered in this department too, courtesy the Clear Tan Face Pack with cucumber extract, for a fresh and radiant but soft glow.

Skin protection

Sunlight and pollution can bear quite an assault on unprotected skin, especially in a clime such as ours. The effects can range from tanning, spots and flaking to severe ones such as erythema and in extreme cases, skin cancer. The summers require you to equip your arsenal with some very significant skin defense products that can help ameliorate the effects of extreme weather to a large extent.
Turmeric is known to have potent antimicrobial properties and has been known to speed up the healing process, which is why your mother used to give you turmeric milk in the case of fever, if you were a typical Indian kid belonging to pre Generation X. There is no surprise then, that it has found its way into VLCC’s wild turmeric face wash, which can remove pollutants from your skin pores very effectively.
The turn of the millennium has also witnessed a surge in holistic treatment, with people resorting to more than one kind of medicine to get not only relief but a feeling of wellbeing. A very popular term that has arisen form this style of treatment is a total detoxification, or detox. The VLCC Punarnava (New Again) Astringent is a product that has been made for this very purpose. It is enriched with Honey lemon, Almond and Aloe Vera to give you an effective astringent which cleans, tones and revitalizes skin, while also maintaining the oil balance and killing microbes.
Pledge this summer to keep good care of your skin.

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