Childproofing Gadgets For A Safer Home


Bringing your baby home is one of the most special moments in the lives of all parents. After all, you are bringing home your little bundle of joy, which will now be the center of your world. But, before you bring your baby home, there is a small homework that all parents need to go through. Making your home safe for your baby!

Curious to know about everything they see, babies tend to touch and taste things to learn about them. And this is one of the scariest situations for a mother. You never know when your baby gets locked up in a room or simply chokes himself by eating your stationary. Accidents like these can always happen and cannot be avoided, especially with a curious baby on the cruise. But yes, by taking the safety measures, it is very much possible to avoid the situations all together.

Using the childproofing gadgets is the best solution to make your home the safest place in the world. Here are the few tips on what type of precautions you need to take for your little cruiser.

Preventing falls with guards and non-slip pads

Babies, when growing up tend to fall all the time. But once your baby starts crawling, you need to take a few extra precautions by using the stair guards, using non-slip pads under carpets and the corner cushions. The stair guards allow the baby to play in a restricted fall-proof area, while the non-slip pads and corner cushion, help in prevent serious injuries to the baby, in case they fall. You may also use a bath mat to help your baby enjoy his bath and fun activities in the bathroom without slipping on the floor.

Glass stickers

Stick big colorful stickers on the glass of your windows and doors to help your baby realize the presence of an obstacle. Make sure the window locks work perfectly fine and won’t injure your baby.

Door and appliance locks

Amongst all the types of childproofing gadgets, door locks are a favorite. They prevent the doors from locking behind your baby, giving them full access to move in and out of rooms. You may also use the appliance locks and appliance seals to ensure that your baby doesn’t open electronic appliances within his reach. These locks protect your baby’s little fingers from getting squashed between the doors.

It is best to use cabinet locks, toilet locks and more to keep your baby safe from accidents.

Baby Camera

Using a small Wi-Fi baby camera in the house is also another smart move to keep a track of your baby’s activities and avoid unwanted accidents. The cameras are an ideal option these days especially for working parents who keep entrust their babies in the care of babysitters. The cameras, allow the parents to check whether or not the babysitter is taking good care of the baby at home.

Socket covers

Mosquito Repellent

Babies love pressing buttons to see the reactions. But playing with electronic products can be really scary for the parents. It is best suggested to keep all electronic appliances above your baby’s reach and use high quality socket covers to lock free sockets in the house to avoid shocks and Emergencies.

With these wide varieties of childproofing gadgets, taking care of your baby is now extremely easy. So, make your home safe for your baby!

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This article was previously posted on 30th August 2015.

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