Cleaning not enough! Time to Sanitize your Toilets


Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are very common words. But there is a huge difference between a clean toilet and disinfected toilet and sanitized toilet.  And the difference is extremely important when it comes to hygiene. To determine the appropriate cleaning procedure, we need to look at the differences among cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. When deciding what surfaces to clean, disinfect or sanitize, any surface or object touched by hands or skin should be considered. Restrooms have to be sanitized in order to be hygienically sound.  Let us understand the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.

What Is the difference?

In simple term: Cleaning can be defined as the removal of substances and germs from objects and surfaces. Disinfecting is defined as killing germs on objects and surfaces. Sanitizing lowers the number of germs to a safe level. There still may be microorganisms present, but they are at safe levels.

People often clean their restroom, they may sweep or paper towel off the toilet seat or wipe down counters that have gathered dust and grime. They may even scrub the toilets or floors.  That’s because cleaning is more about the appearance of a surface and not the actual removal of germs. Germs contaminate and survive on objects that are frequently touched by hands. Germs can survive on hard surfaces for months. So basically people are cleaning but they are not disinfecting or sanitizing.  When you sanitize, you’re removing germs and bacteria at a microscopic level.  Sanitization provided by PeeSafe penetrates deep into the tiny imperfections of surfaces where bacteria can make homes. The point of sanitization is to remove all bacteria.This is far more effective than a simple, general cleaning as it protects you from bacteria.

Why is sanitization important?

There is bacteria crawling all over the toilet seat and is one of the dirtiest areas in the house. A dirty toilet seat is one way of catching germs. Toilet seat should always be kept down as germs from the toilet spread every time it is flushed. As Toilet germs can travel as far as 6 feet which can then land on your floor, ceiling and sink area. These germs can survive for up to 2 hours. Whenever Toilet seat is washed with water, it leaves a risk of attracting more bacteria like E-coli that can cause infection. E-coli bacteria breed in water and can multiply very fast. So just cleaning with water is not enough. Bacteria continue to grow if we do not sanitize. This makes your public restroom a dangerous place full of health risks.

Time to Sanitize your Restrooms

If you truly want a restroom that is free of hygienic problems, you have to sanitize it. PeeSafe is the perfect hygiene solution you’ve been looking for. It is determined to promote great restroom hygiene. PeeSafe products like Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray, Wet Wipes, Travel Toiletries make sure you are safe whenever you visit a restroom.

PeeSafe will sanitize your home and public restroom today!

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