Coping With Menstruation Cramps And Mood Swings At Work


Every month, we wait eagerly for our periods to start and just as they do, we curse them for bringing along pain, cramps and mood swings. If you are a woman like all others on earth, you are surely to hate your menstruation days and its side-effects, the PMSs. They are ugly, painful and cause you almost everything that you don’t want to experience especially if you are a school girl, a college going lady or a working woman.

Working in your office or focusing on your class lecture while your womb feels all twisted and strained inside you, is something that almost all women have to live with. Apart from your mood swings and the pimples emerging on your face, did you know there are almost 150 symptoms that you may suffer from before your periods? Yes! The hormonal imbalance in your body leads you into several menstruation symptoms which vary from stress and anxiety to insufficient sleep and bloating. But, how do you cope with these conditions when working in your stressed out office environment or your college class?

Here are certain helpful tips that you may consider for overcoming your PMSs. They include both, natural treatments and certain medical therapies, both known to offer you great relief during your menstruation symptoms.

Natural Treatments

  • Natural supplements

Right before you are supposed to start your menstruation cycle, introduce 2 nutrients into your diet, Vitamin E and Essential Fatty acids to cure your PMSs. Both the nutrients interact with your prostaglandin receptors only to ease your symptoms.

Consume a fish oil capsule or a calcium rich deit with almonds, yogurt and leafy veggies to prevent your PMS symptoms from ruling your mind and body during menstruation.

  • Acupuncture

According to research, acupuncture is a great solution to treat your PMSs. The therapy increases your circulation, elevating the endorphins thus enhancing your mood and relieving you from the pain. However, the reaction can be seen within 24 hours of the treatment session.

  • Progesterone Cream

Based on scientific researches, most premenstrual symptoms are caused due to the hormonal imbalance in our body. Thus, by balancing the hormonal equilibrium with a progesterone cream the symptoms can be reduced. Apply the cream on the inner thighs and also the lower abdomen before you start your periods.

  • Herbs

Herbs are always a great option for treating health conditions naturally. However, when it comes to menstruation, herbs only help alleviate symptoms such as bloating, cramps, anxiety, etc.

  • Exercises

In most common conditions, exercising is not a very good option during menstruation. However, little bit of stretching and exercising helps in overcoming mood swings, cramps and also anxiety.

  • Massage

Massage your lower abdomen days before your periods start. This will help increase your blood flow in your abdominal area. Do it twice a day with a little force on the abdominal area. You will surprisingly feel relaxed.

Medicines for instant relief

Apart from these basic therapies and treatments, you can also find a number of medications which can give you instant relief from the menstrual symptoms. However, these over-the-counter medications also have their own list of side-effects.

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