Cricket Fever Is Still Going On


World Cup 2015 is the 11th World Cup jointly held by New Zealand and Australia from 14th February to 29th March.  There are 14 teams playing 49 matches in 14 venues, with Australia hosting 26 and New Zealand hosting 23. The final match of the tournament will take place in Melbourne Cricket Ground.

On 15th February, the match between India and Pakistan was played and reportedly the tickets sold out within 12 minutes of going on sale. The match was won by India by 76 runs. The best batting performance was given by Virat Kohli with 107 runs on 126 balls. The best bowling performance was by Sohail Khan who took 5 wickets.

India Vs Pakistan

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For all World Cup enthusiasts who are going to watch the upcoming matches and those who will be imitating our beloved cricketers on the streets, they must follow few tips to save their skin from the scorching sun!

  • Wear a sun block with high SPF before stepping out of the house. Sunscreens should be used well before 15 minutes before stepping out into the sun.
  • Wear sun glasses to cover your eyes from the sun. Sun masks for eyes, or shades must be used to cover your eyes from the scorching heat of the sun. At times because of heat, your vision gets blurred and visibility gets affected. Protect your delicate eyes from sunrays.
  • Wear scarf or hats to protect your hair from sun as it can cause some serious hair damages. Head scarves and hats or caps should be worn if you are under the direct sun. This will protect your hair from harmful UV rays of sun and lessen hairfall. This will also reduce your risk of getting headaches.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated when you’re outside. Drinking gallons of water or liquid intake is a must when you are outside your home. Sun heat dehydrates your body, therefore, keeping yourself hydrated is necessary to enjoy the cricket fun!
  • Reapply the sunscreens within few hours. Even if you are outside, you must not forget to reapply sun blocks after a few hours. This keeps your skin protected from getting tanned or damaged.

Some sports tips for our Galli cricketers

  • Wear proper foot wears and engage in any activity
  • Keep a bottle of glucose and water readily available
  • Avoid stepping out during the afternoon
  • Apply sun blocks with high SPF
  • Apply ice pack on injuries and if the pain still persists contact a doctor.

I hope the article helped you all and more than that I hope India brings the World Cup!

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