Cycling is Fun And Great For Health

cycling is healthy

All of us who travel long or short distances to get anywhere would know the feeling of being choked by traffic fumes, frenetic vehicle horns, traffic queues and rush that seems to sit on atop another and of course a liberal serving of cuss words. A typical scene on the city’s stressed and overwhelmed roads. Make your contribution towards reducing this chaos – hop on to a cycle and experience a liberating feeling that leaves you with time to glide along at a pace that you are comfortable with. Anyone who has had the opportunity to ride this ‘vehicle of freedom’ will tell you that cycling is fun, thrilling and joy you feel when the wind caresses you in inexplicable. And hey it’s great for health too since it’s a low-impact workout and it can be undertaken by anyone at any age. It’s an effective way to reduce the risk of serious health issues like obesity, arthritis, depression and other mental illnesses, heart ailments and others. Just make sure that you have the right gear to keep you safe. Make a one-time investment in a good bicycle and pad yourself up with gear like Btwin Fluo Sleeveless Cycling Jacket, Wildcraft Hydrator 7.3 L Yellow Backpack, Trek N Ride Hip & Handle Bar Pouch, Sigma Roadster LED Front Light and of course the mandatory helmet, gloves and knee and elbow pads.

Physical Activity should be Fun

We all know and realize the importance of being physically alert and active. Riding a cycle is one such activity that keeps illnesses at bay especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or have a job that requires many hours of sitting. The best part of cycling is that it is an environment friendly activity – no fumes, no wasted fuel and no pollution. Cycles seem to have become the new favorites for busy executives and top line persons of firms. Given their busy work hours it becomes tough to take out time for a scheduled work out or even to hit the gym. Cycling to work is perhaps the best way to steal those valuable ‘workout minutes’ from a busy day and not only remain in great shape physically but also remain energized mentally. Reports reveal that at least a billion people ride cycles daily either as a sport or for fun or as means of transport. This number is increasing steadily!

Health and Fitness through Cycling

Medical advice and reports show that as little as 2-4 hours a week is sufficient to see some improvements in the overall well-being of oneself. Why not save some money and indulge in a cost effective means of doing so!

  • As an exercise it is amongst the safest and causes a lot less injuries and strain when compared to others
  • It’s a great sport – all you need to know is how to ride a cycle – no other skill or physical capability is required. Cycling is like walking – once you learn how to, you never forget.
  • Cycling builds stamina, body strength and improves the body’s cardiovascular system efficiency making it easier to absorb and transport oxygen to all parts of the body
  • Even if you in the recovery stages of an illness or injury, cycling is safe for you. Begin slowly and build up towards making it an intense workout.
  •  It’s a cheap mode of transport what will fuel and automobile pricing going through the roof. As a one-time investment it works great – no refuelling or expensive maintenance.
  • Experience the exhilaration of the outdoors while being in union with yourself and your thoughts.

Do you still need more reasons to hop on to this ‘two-wheeled wonder’?

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