Diabetic? Foot Care Tips Just For You!


Being diabetic is certainly not a good sign for your health. It simply means, all your health conditions enhanced multiple times than they initially were before being diagnosed with diabetes. May it be blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol, etc. everything gets a bit more severe with diabetes, also including your feet.

As known to us, diabetes is dangerous for our health, also including our feet. One small cut on your feet and the consequence can be really serious, leading to nerve damage or even numbness on your feet forever. The disease reduces the blood flow to the infected area, making it much more harder for the injury to heal or resist the infection. Thus, it is very much important that you take care of your feet in order to avoid soreness, blisters and other infections.

A serious infection on your feet can result you into losing your foot/ toe/ leg, depending on the severity of the infection. Thus, here are some tips to help you take care of your feet a little more.

  1. Inspect your feet everyday

When it comes to our body, the last thing we care about are our feet. Check out for blisters, swelling, cuts, redness, rashes, shoe bites or problems with your nails. Check your feet carefully, without missing on the dry cracks. In case you see any of these problems, make a call to your doctor and ask for suggestions.

  1. Use lukewarm water to wash your feet

Always keep your feet clean by slowly washing them with lukewarm water. However, make sure that the water is not too warm or you may suffer from blisters and burns which will only increase your problem in your feet. The water should be lukewarm, almost same temperature as the water used to bathe a newborn.

  1. Use a Suitable Moisturizer for your feet

Once you have cleaned your feet, remember to add a suitable moisturizer on your feet and toe. Applying a moisturizer is very helpful in keeping your skin nourished and soft. They also help in preventing cracks and bleeding.

  1. Clip the nails regularly

Keep the nails of your feet clipped. Longer nails always have a chance of breaking or injuring you. However, clipping the nails too close to the skin is not a good option as they lead to in-grown nails which can be really painful and may need a surgery to be cured.

  1. Treat corns and blisters carefully

Never take feet injuries casually. I Know, t hey are just your simple natural rollers, but one small cut and you can be forced to get your feet amputed. So, no cuts, no piercing, no injuries an certainly no experiments on your feet. Instead, choose to visit your doctor and get the necessary treatment.

  1. Wear clean socks to avoid infections

Wearing clean socks is a must, especially if you are diabetic. You may conceive a bacterial infection if you wear dirty unhygienic socks. Treating the bacterial infection would mean more medications and even certain creams. In severe cases, rashes may also appear. Also make sure that you avoid wearing socks with elastic as they may reduce the blood flow to your feet.

  1. Check your shoes before wearing

Before you wear your shoes, remember to check them for insects, dirt and sharp pebbles that may hurt your feet or cause cuts.

  1. Never walk barefoot

Even when you are home, avoid walking barefooted. You may never know when you injure your feet or suffer a cut.

  1. Foot Examination

Choose to visit your doctor at regular periods for a proper foot examinations. This will only help you prevent infections and get necessary treatments in time.

  1. Avoid smoking

Smoking constraints the blood vessels in our body. As a result, when you are diabetic and you smoke, the blood flow in your feet automatically reduces leading to several other health problems.

So, now you know how and why you need to take special care of your feet, especially when you are diabetic.