Dil Dhadakne Do – How To Protect Your Heart?


How do you take care of your heart? This is one question we constantly torment our doctors with. ‘What diet should i follow?’, ‘How much do i need to exercise?’, ‘Should i avoid eating oily food?’ and so on. But, the answer to this question is too good to be believed and followed. ‘Follow a Simple healthy life’, is the solution to all your health problems, including the question related to your heart.

Sad but true, heart diseases are one of the basic causes of death across the world. According to studies, half of the heart diseases are preventable, while almost 90% of the heart diseases in women can be easily prevented with just some basic health care routines which include a proper healthy diet, some basic exercising and a simple lifestyle. Moreover, based on a recent study, women who eat lots of fresh veggies, fruits, fish, legumes and whole grains, who are moderate drinkers, exercise regularly and don’t smoke, have almost 92% decreased risk of suffering from a heart condition in comparison to those who don’t follow a proper routined healthy lifestyle.

So, ask yourself and check what your lifestyle includes: Healthy routines or Messy schedules with a lot of bad habits? In order to help you take good care of your heart and your life, here are some 10 points that will help your heart stay fit and healthy. Follow them closely and ensure a longer life with a healthy and hearty heart.

  1. Avoid smoking and tobacco consumption

Tobacco is one of the main factors causing heart diseases. The cigarette you puff with style is one of the main causes of heart and lung diseases. The chemicals in tobacco damage your blood vessels and the heart, narrowing the arteries which is medically termed as artherosclerosis which further leads to heart attack.

So, smoking just 1 cigarette or consuming just a little tobacco is equally dangerous as consuming one full pack of cigs. It is equally dangerous. Hence, if you love yourself and want to live a longer life, Quit smoking or Quit consuming Tobacco.

  1. Exercise for a minimum 30 minutes

Exercising daily for just 30 minutes can reduce your risk of suffering from heart diseases. Finding out time for exercising is a difficult thing to do especially with our tight schedules. But, finding just 30 minutes is not really difficult. You will soon start seeing the difference in your body, your health and fitness. Slowly, you will yourself increase the time for your workout session. And for exercises, you can include activities such as gardening, cleaning the house, climbing the stairs, taking your dog on a walk.

  1. Healthy diet

Eat healthy and reduce the load on your heart. When we eat a lot of oily and cholesterol based food, our arteries get constrained and our heart has to make extra effort to pump the blood to the various parts of our body. Eating healthy food helps keep our heart healthy, the arteries broad and healthy, thus allowing the blood to flow with ease. In mere words, our heart functions normally without any pressure.

– Limit your fat consumption (saturated fat) to just 10 percent. Avoid consuming trans fat in your diet.

  1. Maintain a proper weight

Weight is always a concern especially when you want to take care of your heart. Excess weight automatically increases your chance of suffering from heart diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.

You also need to understand that your bodyweight differs based on your height and bone structure. so, if you are tall and have a strong bone structure, it is fine if you weigh 80 Kgs, while the same weight may seem high if you are short and lean.

  1. Enjoy a sound sleep

A good sleep is very helpful in reducing your stress and reviving your body. Make sure you have a minimum 7 to 9 hours of sleep. If you wake up fresh after your sleep, then you are surely having a good sound sleep. But if you are not waking up fresh, then you surely need to make sure that you sleep well. to reduce your stress and stay in a good mood all day.

  1. Regular health check ups

Go for a regular health check up every 6 months or yearly to ensure that your heart is healthy and functioning in its full health.

  1. Drink Occasionally

Why do people drink? Well, ask any person and you will get the same answer: For reducing your stress. So, if you are drinking, then drink occasionally and in a little amount so that you don’t have a hangover the next day.

With these points known, enjoy and let your heart function with health… Dil Dhadakne Do!!

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