Do You Know What Is A Team?


Yes! I am talking about a team. Do you know what is it? A team is a group that works co-ordinately despite diversity in thoughts and expressions. Only then, it is meant to achieve success not only as individual members, but as entire institution, firm or a company.

Any organisation can visualize its success depending on its team performance or team members. Undoubtedly, if there are more than two people allocated together, there has to be differences, debates or barriers in thoughts, speech and expression. We all know that no two persons are the same, so we must deal accordingly with each other if we are a part of any team.

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Lets see how should an individual or a team work.

  1. Sharing views and opinions:Every member in a team must know to deal with others expressing their own views on a subject. Each of the members should listen to and respect opinions of others simultaneously. Even if any of your thoughts mismatch with the rest, there’s no harm in it. Place your views which will help you grow individually.
  2. Work Patiently:It is rightly said: ‘Patience is perseverance’. Being impatient will lead you nowhere. Dealing with co-team members might be a bit of challenge sometimes. Hence, working with patience helps you do your work efficiently. With patience, you also learn to get extra gains from work or life. There might be people who are not that sincere towards work, then it is you who must initiate and work together to help your team reach to the success point.
  3. Be smart & Ignore:Smartness always helps you in achieving success both in a field or in life. Smartness not only means smart attitude (healthy, well maintained, tidy clothing etc), but also being active and alert throughout. You need to be smart enough to deal with the entire work pressure along with co-team mates. There might be days or time when others strive not to follow you or your decisions. That is the time when you need to be patient, ignore such situations and work accordingly.
  4. Learn to share:Sharing is vital for a healthy growth. Always share your work with your thoughts to your team members. Unless you share, your efficiency will not improve. Whether it’s an idea, topic of concern or any kind of general awareness, its a duty of each of the members to share and work co-ordinately.
  5. Be your own leader:Yes, live and work the way a leader should. Whether you are the leader of your team or not, it is important to be your own leader in life. There must be a set of norms to be followed like punctuality, sincerity, hard work, patience, courteousness, respect etc. These set of doctrines in life help you achieve success. Stand apart so that others would get impressed by your unique personality which also gives them extra gains.

Always remember, if you succeed in these above pointers, you not only beckon success to you but both for your group as well as the organisation.

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