Enjoy These Motorcycle Movies Before Travelling to Ladakh

Bike riders

If you are a bike lover then it’s very difficult for you to stay away from your Motor Cycle. Riding a bike is like an adventure for all but how about going on a Motor Cycling season in Ladakh from your Bike? Seems Interesting! Road trips are adventurous but a bit dangerous too. To make you more mentally prepared, here is the list of some motor bikes movies that surely raise your confidence level before an exciting ride to Ladakh.

Why we ride


Directed by Brayan H. Caroll, the documentary defines the love for motorcycles. Smooth roads, adventures, enjoyment and passion for biking are the segments which can be found in the movie. A must watch for the bike lovers so that they can understand the passion for their riding to dream, discover and explore.

Neelakasham (Malayalam)


Brilliantly written by Hashir Muhammad, this Malayalam flick features north-eastern states such as Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim. Apart from that, the film was also shot at Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa and West Bengal. This movie is shot very well between each stunning riding conditions in India like Tawang in Andhra Pradesh. It’s a must watch if you are planning to drive a long way.

Wild Hogs

Source: watch?v=wRAJblggAHY

Being a comedy film, Wild Hogs eminently displayed the love for riding a bike. Lack of adventure is a theme of a movie that is directed beautifully by Walt Becker. You will see how four persons frustrated from their life, turn around things and have fun by riding motor cycles despite many troubles in between.

Riding solo to the top of the world


A one word for this movie, ‘passion’ and may be more than that. How far can you travel alone? 50km, 100km or 200km? It is just 2% of what you will get to see in the movie. The all alone person Gaurav Jani travel 5000km in the movie straight away from Mumbai to Changthang Pass, Ladakh. It’s a tremendous adventure what you will see, also you will experience the tiredness from the words of the director Gaurav Jani. Amazing documentary! Must watch!

Motorcycle Diaries

Source: watch?v=RWBsQArUkQY

What makes the film unique is not its bike riding but the emotional context that touches everyone’s heart. Removing exploitation of labors by big industrialists is a challenge for Che Guevara and his friend. No, how did they get success is a thing to watch out for. But don’t forget to feel the adventure spots in the movie where they had a commendable ride. Who knows if you will face a situation that?

Long way down/ Long way round



The documentary makes you familiar with around thirteen countries as Ewan and Charley, the two main characters of the movie travelled from London to New York in Long way round from their own motor bike. Then from Scotland to Cape Town in Long way down. Their constant travelling should be esteemed in the movie. The movie is not only about the journey of the duo but also framed a dark light on the relationship between the two, their dependence on each other, affection and irritations also. Learn the skills of travelling from this movie.

Cycles South


It’s a story about the 3 guys in which they drive from Denver to panama not just by highways & bi-ways but also through forests and deserts. They provide a flawless view to you by riding their bike on rain tracks and also in black tunnel. This will really give you a true picture of the real adventure. So, watch the movie and get ready to become hardcore.

I, Super biker

Source: watch?v=yoe6NXhMI5Y

A motor biking doubles the fun when it comes to the racing. Same is appearing in this movie as this movie is related to four super bike riders who will compete against themselves. The performance of the bikers is outstanding and is worth watching. You will get motivation while watching this flick. Must see!

Mondo Enduro  


It’s a good thinking to go around the world by the longest route by taking a shortcut, but can this be a successful decision? An interesting movie, directed by Austin Vince will makes you familiar with the troubles one face while having a road trip through bike. Watching this is going to be smart decision for you if you are planning to rock the ladakh road trip. But remember, Lazer Helmets are must for travelling through bike for a long trip!

Sidecar Racers


Sidecar Racers is a 1975 Australian film about an Australian motor cycle rider, who teams up with the American surfer to become champion. The film has all the necessary action and winning feel that will boost up your confidence while travelling through your motor bikes.

I am sure now that you all will have fun by travelling through road to one of the most beautiful places of our country. Well, it is necessary to inform everyone to carry travel essentials like travel pouch etc. Rock the journey!

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