Ensuring your baby’s safety with the best child proofing products!


Being a parent is not easy! With the increasing love for your newborn, comes along an increased heap of responsibilities. Responsibility to rightly nurture your baby, take care of his health and ensure a safe upbringing. Right from the clothes you buy for your newborn to the baby skin lotion you choose, the toy you buy for your baby to the child *gears, every single thing needs to be simply Perfect! And believe me; the slightest glitch from us may result into one of the worst situations ever faced.

Thanks to the brilliant baby gear companies that manufacture to a huge list baby safety products, outdoor, indoor and car accessories that ensure overall safety of your little bundle of joy. Let’s take a deeper peak into these products and list down some of the basic products that are a must for the safety of your baby.

Home Safety

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Home, for babies is their safest zone. Surrounded by people they love and things designed for them to use, babies simply love being at home. But, once you bring your newborn home from the hospital, you need to make sure you safeguard the home soon. You need to install every single thing right from the door blocks, safety gates, electrical socket plugs, table edge guards, non-slip bath mats, and more.

Health Safety

Health safety is one of the most important criterions, including of skin lotions, bathing care, diapering, and feeding. Each of these categories is directly related to a baby’s health and hence, is extremely important.

Choose wisely from a variety of baby skin care products such as powders, skin lotions, creams and wipes. Make sure they are mild and not harsh on the gentle skin of the baby. When giving a bath to your baby, make sure you have a soft towel, mild baby bathing soap, a tub and a no tears shampoo. Moreover, make sure you use a water temperature indicator to ensure the right temperature of the water for your baby. This will help you avoid burns on your baby’s soft skin. Use nasal aspirators and soft bristled combs to comb your baby’s silky hair.

Use doctor recommended baby diaper creams and medicated wipes to avoid rashes. Clean and wash clothes of your newborn in mild baby detergents free of harsh chemicals.
If you are bottle feeding your baby, make sure you use a bottle sterilizer to keep the bottles free of germs which may otherwise lead to stomach infections and diarrhea.

Outdoor Safety


Apart from spending a huge time home, babies love to explore the beautiful nature outside. So, when you take your baby for a walk outside, make sure you protect him just the way you do it inside the house.

Stick a “Baby on Board” sticker on the back of your car. This will help other vehicles keep a safe distance from your car. Use a baby neck protector to balance his fragile neck. You may also use a baby stroller insect net to keep away mites and mosquitoes from biting your baby.
Make sure you use baby carriers of optimal quality with child locks that will help you keep your baby safe, even when alone in the carriers. Check the locks before you buy the products to ensure long life and the safety of your baby.

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