Food Safety Tips – Are you eating hygienic?

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Every morsel of food you eat, may it be at home or in some restaurant, adds to your health, either in a good way or a bad way. You either stay healthy and get the best nutrition out of it or conceive certain infections affecting your overall health. This World Health’s Day, lets take a pledge, a pledge to stay healthy by eating the right food with safety. Food Safety is the term or the theme chosen by the WHO for the year 2015 and contributing to it, it is our duty to ensure we stay safe by following the right precautionary steps needed.

According to surveys, each year more than 2 million people die due to food borne or water borne diseases that are ingested by us from the food we eat. Some cause diarrhea and stomach infections while many suffer from cancer, all caused by the polluted food we eat. So, is there any solution to get out of this polluted food network and ensure our health safety? Well, yes there is. All you need to do is just stay aware and choose rightly. Here are some tips that you may find helpful, especially when you are planning for food safety.

  • Go Organic

Going Farm fresh is no longer an easy way to staying healthy. With a wide number of fertilizers and pesticides now used to yield better crops, even farm fresh veggies are now sources to major health diseases such as cancer. With the chemicals getting into the vegetables and fruits, it is now almost impossible to avoid certain diseases, particularly cancer. Going organic is the only solution, especially if you want food safety, right from the farms to your plate.

  • Avoid eating out or packaged food

Choose to eat hygienic by avoiding eating food outside in restaurants. The food served, although delicious, may not be washed properly or cooked in good water without any contaminations. Also, the food when served into plates may further get contaminated by the germs residing on the unwashed or improperly washed plates. Using high quality disinfectants for washing utensils is the only solution to keep away infections such as diarrhea or stomach infections. Also, when choosing packaged food, choose very carefully only after you have checked the contents carefully.

  • Wash your veggies

Before you cook or cut your veggies, make it a point of cleaning them thoroughly in fresh water. Rinsing the veggies in water automatically helps remove dirt and other contamination. However, when it comes to getting rid off the impurities from the food, the chemicals used to grow the vegetables and fruits going for organic food, seems to be the only solution.

  • Boost your immunity

Choose to naturally boost your immunity with the help of health care supplements that promise to increase your body’s infection fighting ability higher. Go for natural supplements by some of the best brands and stay healthy always.

  • Use quality disinfectants

Always use high quality disinfectants to clean your vessels before and after using them. Choose the disinfectants very carefully, making sure that the chemicals used are not cancer causing agents. Also, make sure you sanitize your hands before eating your food.

With these food safety points mentioned, hopefully we can now work together towards making our country healthy. Have a Healthy World Health’s Day!!

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