Getting Inked? Here are inspirations and bonus safety tips!

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If you think body art is the purest form of art, welcome to the league. Tattoos are not only a fashion fad, they are the best form of artistic design that your body adorns. However, at the same time it is one of the most permanent pieces of ink that you can get on your body. Thus, it becomes important for you to get the right tattoos because they will remain with you for a lifetime.

Getting inked is a serious job and requires you to take good care of your skin and follow every possible precautionary measure. Here are few of the safety tips you should be mindful about while getting yourself a tattoo:

  • Make sure that you get your tattoo from a well-known and recognized tattoo artist. They will make the experience worth it for the money that you spend.
  • Before going to the tattoo artist, it is important to have at least a basic idea of the kind of tattoo that you wish to get. This can save you a lot of time as well as money.
  • Make sure that the tattoo artist, his studio and design tools are well sterilized. The staff working on the tattoo should be well-trained.
  • Make sure any tool or syringe they may use must be fresh and opened right in front of your eyes. Failing to adhere to these safety precautions can risk you to blood-borne diseases.
  • Tattoo artists must use latex gloves while using the equipment and make sure that the syringes are disposed of after use.
  • After getting a tattoo, make sure that you follow the precautions mentioned by the artist to the last word because this can affect the quality of the tattoo.
  • Apply the necessary ointments and take prescription drugs, if required, to keep your skin safe from diseases.

Getting inspired for the art:

It is important that you get the right sort of inspiration for the tattoo you want to get on your body. You don’t want any last minute regrets with something as permanent as a tattoo right? It is best to set your mind straight and think of all the factors before finally getting inked. Here are few of the inspirations that you must check out before heading to the tattoo parlor:

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David Corden:

One of the famous tattoo artists today is David Corden. His gothic inspirations are sought after by many people around the world. His almost creepy looking art has a fan following of many thousands and he makes sure that every single detail is looked into while inking a tattoo. Tattoos from Corden are visual masterpieces and they will surely get people talking about the quality. Here is one of his best pieces of art:

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Jason Donahue:

This San Francisco based tattoo artist can get some amazing art work done for those who like to get funky tattoos that look almost like an art decor. The tattoos made by Donahue are very colourful and bright and look really nice on any part of the body. Make sure that you tell him what you are looking for much in advance.


Traditional Japanese tattoos always have a market that is sought after and En is one person who adds his own spin and style to these culturally-rich tattoos. His tattoos are very intricate and bold and are in theme with the rich and long line of Japanese heritage and style.

His tattoos are best placed on hands or legs as they will make sure that those who notice will not forget his designs for a long time to come.

On the whole, tattoos are interesting pieces of permanent ink which can really make you feel special.

So, get inked and feel stunning, but at the same time stay safe!

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