Home Alone – Is Your Child Prepared To Stay Alone?


As parents, we never want to leave back our kids at home alone. It is nothing less than a nightmare to have your kids alone at home, without any supervision and a free access to almost everything that may ring the alarm bells. One mistake and your child may practically bring the house down into flames or get it flooded with water. But, whether you want it or not, you plan it or not, at some point of time, you are forced to leave the house keeping your child behind you in the house, ALL ALONE. So, how do you know that your child is big enough to stay alone and look after himself while you finish the emergency supermarket or doctor visits? OR do you need a baby sitter to look after him? Here are tips to help you know whether your child is ready to stay at home and enjoy some home alone time by himself.

Is Your Kid Ready?

Kids love to play alone and always look for some alone time. But, that doesn’t mean that he is ready to stay alone at home and look after himself while you go out. So, to know that your baby is ready, here are a few points that you may consider.

  1. Ask a question to yourself. Is your Kid matured enough to follow your instructions and to do the needed steps that will keep him safe?

Every child has a different maturity level and look at responsibilities from a different point of view. however, there are certain laws based on which children aged from 10 to 12 are ideal for staying alone and looking after themselves. Kids under this age are not mature enough to follow instructions or react to emergency situations, if they occur while you are out of home. Also, as a backup plan, always make sure you that you have someone like your neighbour to checkout on your kid in case if an emergency.

  1. Are you ready?

Once you have set your mind to keep your child alone at home, its time you start preparing him for the experience. Teach him the basics to safety and how to analyze a situation in front of him. For help, here are a few points that you may consider.

– Teach him to be secretive about him staying alone at home. In case there is someone visiting you while you are out, teach your kid not to reveal the fact that he is alone. Have excuses ready, such as, “My mom is busy in the garden, Can I take the message?”

– Teach them basics of analyzing a situation. Tell them not to enter a house if they find the situation problematic.

– Always have a plan B to take care of your kid at least for the time until you are back home.

– Stick on the Fridge a list of EMERGENCY numbers for your kid. In case of emergencies, teach him to call these numbers for help.

– Instruct your kid with the work that they can do while you are out. For instance, give them their snacks, juices, etc. and tell them to finish their homework by the time you are back.

– Instruct them not to allow anyone inside the house while he is alone. There are people who can impose as your friends and can trick your child by giving them candies or cakes. This can be a big risk.

– Teach your child the basics of using a First Aid kit and an Emergency Fire extinguisher, in case an emergency situation arises at your home while your kid is alone.

  1. Rules

Take the risk of keeping your child alone at home only if your child is familiar to the home rules and follows them strictly. If they do, then and only then allow them to stay alone or have baby sitters to guide them through out the time.

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