Home Safety – Preventing Accidents And Injuries

home safety

Home… The safest place in the whole world! It doesn’t quite matter whether you own a small 1 bedroom flat or a huge castle, emotionally and physically we all feel safest within the four walls of our home. But there are always chances of accidents such as fire, short-circuits and sudden breakdowns, falls, choking, etc. after all, mishaps happen without the slightest hint. This is one reason why you need to ensure your home safety plans. However, with a few preparations you can minimize the chances of accidents to a certain percentage. So, here is a list of tips that you should follow for complete home safety, no injuries and minimum accidents.

Safety in the Kitchen

Did you know that every year an average 4,380 people meet with accidents in the kitchen. Most of the accidents are caused while you are cooking. So, how do you prevent an accident in the kitchen?

– Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen to avoid the fire from spreading.

– Always get your electrical cooking appliances checked in a regular time interval. This includes your Microwave, oven, cooking burners, etc.

– Use the electrical appliances after you have read the manual carefully. Don’t experiment with them as they can cause fire and short circuits.

– Get the pipelines checked and also the utensils to ensure that you don’t have blasts in the kitchen.

– Always stock a small first aid kit in the kitchen.

Safety in the Bathroom

Falling on the bathroom floor is one of the most common accidents that people meet with. So, in order to prevent slips and falls, make sure you follow the given mentioned tips.

– Use only anti-slip flooring for the bathroom.

– Use anti-scald devices in your bathroom. This will help you avoid burns while having baths.

Safety in the Living Room

Living room is the most widely used place in the entire house. Kids play, watch tv and even eat in the living room most of the time. As a result, it gets more important that you take extra care of your safety in the living room.

– Keep the book cases and furniture strapped well to the wall or are installed perfectly. They should be strong enough to restrain objects that measure upto 200 pounds.

– Use only products that are lab tested and guarantee you highest safety.

– Install a good CO detector that can set off the alarms in time, helping you to escape the fire safely.

Safety in Rooms

Safety in the house is most important in the bedrooms as well. According to studies, almost half of the people die in their bedrooms while they are sleeping, only because they stay unaware of the fire or accident that may have occurred in their home.

– To avoid such instances, make sure that you install good smoke detectors in the house.

– Avoid having false ceilings in the house which may break down and fall on you while you are sleeping.

– Avoid having too many rugs on the floor as they can make you fall.

Electrical Safety

Fire accidents are most common in our homes. In order to avoid fire in the house, here are tips for you.

– Get the electrical wiring of the house checked regularly. This will avoid short-circuits and fire in the house.

– Plan a good fire exit for your home and make sure everyone in the family is aware of it.