How Insect Repellents Keep You Safe?

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It was our summer trip to Kerala with our kids this summer where the beauty itself veils you with peace, joy and faith. God’s Own Country as is Kerala described, we had immense fun and a bag full of memories to cherish forever.

Fun is felt only without any kind of unrest, dread or fright. Elle, my daughter is always scared of insects and if she comes across a cockroach, her fright has no boundary which chills down her spine. I would like to share a small incident that had occurred which almost left us stranded and we had to return Mumbai as soon as possible.

It was when we returned to our hotel rooms from a serene house boat ride late night. I felt my hands warm with blood when I woke up to find Elle’s finger bleeding profusely. Yes, it was a bug that she feared the most-A Cockroach!! We used our first-aid items to cure the injury but had to rush to a nearby hospital very soon. We also reported to the hotel for the issue that had been occurred due to their minor inconvenience that was caused. I would like to recommend insect repellents at all hotels, restaurants, institutes, offices, home or factories.

A simple repellent can stop such incidences and keep insects at bay. Bugs, mosquitoes, lizards, rats, cockroaches among other poisonous insects and reptiles can be kept away from your premises easily with its mere spray or fine usage.

Soberbio has three repellents for lizard, rat and cockroach that help prevent these bugs away from you and can be used anywhere. This works effectively to kill these reptiles within a particular span of time. Soberbio products are herbal as well as non-poisonous which kill these reptiles and causes no harm to you or your environment.


Soberbio Veto Rat Repellent

This rat killer is herbal and non poisonous for you but effectively helps in killing rats within 10 days of time. This rat repellent is to be kept with the open container at rat infected areas. This rat killer can be used either inside your rooms, kitchen, washrooms, cars or any other vehicles or places that might be the best place for the rat to trap.

Soberbio Veto Lizard Repellent

This lizard killer works best with its qualities and can be used to apply outside windows, doors or on walls which invite lizards. This repellent takes around 6-9 days to kill lizards with its effectiveness. Lizard repellent is herbal and non-poisonous for humans, hence can be used anywhere inside your home.

Soberbio Veto Cockroach Repellent

This cockroach repellent kills and removes cockroaches from homes or any other places which invite cockroaches often to breed and produce in multiples. This cockroach repellent is a tube that is to be applied on the places where cockroaches might thrive and left for a span of around 10 days. It kills cockroaches and leave you and your premises safe, clean and disease free.


Soberbio products are herbal and non-poisonous for human beings and kill reptiles effectively within a particular span of time. These products are free of chemicals and harmful ingredients which might harm you. Soberbio products can also be used inside homes, offices, factories, industries, vehicles, hotels, restrooms, railway stations, schools, colleges, restaurants, restrooms among other places that cause insects to thrive majorly because of maintenance of low hygiene or filth that invite them to breed.

There are a few ways of staying safe and keeping these reptiles away from your premises:

Use of Repellents and Spray: Insect repellents are must to be used to keep bugs at bay. Within a time duration, you can be free of worries from insects or bugs which make your home their home.

Keep a Regular Check On Standing Water: Stagnant water is a major cause of disease borne insects to thrive and spread. This needs to be regularly checked in order to keep insects away.

Cleanliness: Using nets, wearing full sleeved clothes, washing kitchen sink, regular cleaning your home or dusting frequently can keep insects away from you and your surrounding.

Stay clean and keep away insects at bay with the use of repellents.

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