How Must Freshers Face An Interview?

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So, now a graduate? Oh! a post-graduate diploma holder? That’s great!! It felt great to hear these exclamatory remarks once, but due to the increasing level of competition, studies, job facets and career options, these seem to be normal comments now.

As a fresher, she must be excited, curious, or passionate about her field of interest. After all she studied all these years for pursuing that arena where she excelled. But all such emotions get concealed by those tensed wrinkles above brows once the time for an interview arrives. This is that time period when she gets a feel of panic, worries, fright, nervousness for ‘What If?’

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Here, I give some ways that might help a fresher to solve her queries juggling in her mind.

Be Smart: Obviously, we all know that whatever is going on or is about to happen, smartness always work to help you reach to the first step of success ladder. Feeling panic frights is very normal but if you act smart, those fears might also vanish away at a go. Reply back in short and closed ended answers once you are apprehensive about any question being asked.

Say NO: We have often heard this from experienced people that one must learn to say No to remain happy as well as successful. And, this is true inside an interview hall as well. Candidate should reply only that she knows and is aware of. Unnecessary information might lead to another set of questionnaires for the panel. If she is doubtful of an answer, she should simply say No to the question being asked.

Carry an Attitude: Remember that she must carry herself well in order to put on an attitude to her personality. Positive attitude is a must to carry on oneself to present not only in front of the panel but in life as well. At the same time, trash away arrogance, fear, nervousness and other negativity while she has already planned for the interview.

Get Informed: It is important to be well informed about the topic for an interview, her area of research, interest, job profile, current affairs, economy etc. But, it is equally vital to be informed about the firm she is up for the interview. Information never ends and so never her knowledge does.

Stay Connected: This is required before and after the interview. She must be connected to people similar to her job search profile to be more aware and informed about topics of concern. Again, even after an interview gets over, she should stay in touch with clients, marketing executives, or any of her acquaintances for further updates on the same job or other sectors.

Prepare well and face an interview with courage!!

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