How To Choose An Activity Tracker?


Activity trackers are one of the most largely used gadgets these days, a personal possession that everyone loves using. Despite being based on the same technology, activity trackers made by different brands have some or the other new unique personality, may be a design, functioning or even a different marketing funda! Some are designed for athletes while others are made for fitness buffs like you and me. In simple words, an Activity Tracker is for everyone, but not every design is for every one! Thus, it is important that you choose an appropriate activity Tracker for your use.

Activity Trackers come in varying models and prices. The first model which had almost every feature was priced high, at several hundred dollars. Later, newer models were designed which were priced at lower costs for basic users. Not all activity trackers help you track all your desired activities. Few systems track your sleep while some don’t, some track your swimming activity, while others don’t. Thus, it is essential you choose carefully, the right activity tracker.

For finding the right Activity Tracker, here is a checklist that will help you choose the best available options.

– Do you know how the system tracks?

Before you purchase, make sure you know what the system tracks. All basic models will track activities like walking, hiking and running. But not all will track your activities such as cycling, your working on a treadmill and swimming. Thus, it is essential that you consider your activities and then choose an activity tracker.

– Where do you Want to wear it?

Activity trackers are available in different styles, sizes and shapes. Some are small enough to be clipped on your bra belt, while some can be worn on your wrists or the arms. No matter what you choose, make sure that you are comfortable wearing them.

– Are you comfortable with the model?

Based on the model, make sure that you are comfortable with the model and its technology. You should be aware of how to charge it, store data, track your activities, etc. You should be able to access the technology easily.

– Are you aware of the set-up

Every tracker needs to be connected to a computer, a tablet or a smartphone in order to help you start the system. However, make sure that you are satisfied with the technology.

– Choose the type of battery you want

Every activity tracker needs a battery to keep it charged. Some batteries are chargeable while others are use-and-throw batteries. Each have their own advantages and dis-advantages. The watch bateries last for just 6 months and later need to be replaced. The internal battery need to be charged once in every 5 to 7 days. Thus, choose as per your requirements.

– Know how the tracker stores your data

Learn how your activity tracker stores your data and connects to the devices. A USB connection is usually the basic essentiality to get your tracker connected to a device for transferring your data. Some have bluetooth for connection while other need to be connected via USB plugin.

– Is the gadget compatible with the other devices?

The activity tracking device you are choosing, should be compatible to your other devices and apps. It should sync well with your devices and transfer your information about diet and workout into your app. So, make sure you are choosing your activity tracker rightly.

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